Polite Message to End a Relationship

83 Break Up and Polite Message to End a Relationship

Love is sweet when you’ve found someone your heart truly pants for. It’s the euphoria of love that forms the foundation of a relationship. Where there is no love, the relationship cannot start. Love is the reason for a relationship, if it is not built on love, it cannot start. Be patient enough to discern a genuine love and begin a relationship from there.

However, unfortunately, misunderstandings erupt between two lovers which sometimes they are unable to surmount. Two lovers who cannot do without each other suddenly turn to hate themselves. At this point, the relationship may have to end. In such a case, what do you say to end a relationship nicely? Let’s journey further.

Sometimes a relationship that was once rosy and exciting suddenly becomes toxic. The lovers have to let go of each other. If you have to go your separate way, be polite about it which is why you have a polite message to end a relationship to help you vocalize your feelings. You don’t have to break a door all because you want to close it.

Are you looking for a polite message to end a relationship you’re no longer comfortable with? Copy as many as possible on this page and reach out to your ex-lover politely.

How to Break Up with Someone Nicely Over Text

Breakup is one of the hardest decisions a true lover could ever make. No one loves to have their relationship thrown apart but whenever it happens, life has to go on regardless.

However, there is better to break up, you’ve got to be as diplomatic as possible when you’re calling it a day with your lover. You don’t have to break a door all because you want to close it. This is a polite message to end a relationship!

1. If I were told that this good relationship will not survive the test of time, I wouldn’t believe it but time has proven that it won’t exceed this point. I have to say goodbye to my once-upon-a-time lover.

2. We have shared a beautiful moment together which is not so easy to forget but now we can’t go beyond here. It’s hard to say but I want to say goodbye at this point in my life.

3. As I say goodbye at this point, I do not want to have a ground of communication with you. Do not talk about this because truly it’s over between us.

4. It’s hard to believe that a person like you whom I have seen as answered prayer to long-time prayers is no more one. Anyways, wonders shall never cease.

5. I thought you were my perfect match until you proved otherwise. This is not so expected from you but it’s a bitter pill that has to be swallowed. I have chosen to accept things the way they are.

6. This relationship has turned to become a nightmare, it’s good for my health to end it earlier before it gets dark. Goodbye.

7. I wonder if you were the man I once desired and loved so much. How have you now become someone else suddenly? Wonder shall never cease! Such is human!

8. I thought you were true until you showed me the other side of you. And to be sincere, the other side of you is not a healthy one. It’s time to part ways. Goodbye.

9. I have blindly believed in you and loved you without reservation but you’ve disappointed my trust in you. Such is bound to be. I have chosen to close this door and don’t bother to open it.

10. Do not attempt to open this closed door because it’s truly closed and never to be opened again. My eyes have seen enough in this mess called a relationship.

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Breaking Up With Someone You Love Messages

11. You were once a true love but you suddenly become a hater that is difficult to cohabit with. I can’t stay any longer. Goodbye

12. I didn’t foresee you being hurt by me, it was a rude shock that almost pulled out my heart. I don’t desire to see your face again, stay off forever!

13. You may attempt to hook up with me but never attempt for us to meet. Don’t come near me, I’m done with this relationship!

14. You caused me so much pain even an excruciating one. It’s not so expected of you but the deed has been done and has to be taken that way.

15. I appreciate you for all the pain because the pangs you caused me will pay me off as I learn the hard lessons it impacts me.

16. You presented yourself to be a lover and that’s why I presented myself vulnerable to you. Unfortunately, you messaged up the whole thing.

17. It’s difficult for me to let go of you because I have invested so much in you that wanted to keep imprisoned in a toxic relationship like this but thank God I’m delivered.

18. I know the memory of the good times we’ve had together will attempt to bring us together again but let’s just overlook that beautiful moment and do without each other for life.

19. One of the things I do not want to see happen is to set my face on you for any reason. Seeing your face will amplify the pain. May we never see each other again!

20. I thought you were a well-meaning lover but never knew you were there to take advantage of me. I learned my lesson the hard way. You did well anyway!

How to End a Relationship Message

Are you looking for how to end a relationship by text or how to nicely break up with someone over text? You’re on the right page to get them in great numbers!

21. I’m ending this relationship not because I’m hurt but because I’m done and whenever I declare myself done in place, I don’t check back. Do not check on me either. Goodbye to this relationship.

22. This is hurting but I have got to accept it the way it has come. This is a goodbye and never to return to you. This decision is never like any other time.

23. Truly, I will remember you for every good thing you represented in my life. I wish your kind and good nature could continue but I can see it’s a hard currency that you can no longer afford.

24. It will be pretty difficult for me to let go of you on my mind but I have got to be strong to forget about you. I have got to say goodbye because goodbye is the only option at this point in my life.

25. I thought life could not be lived successfully without you but you’ve taught me how to live it all alone. Thank you for the pain, goodbye. Till we see no more!

26. Moving on is difficult but I’m sure we’ll all get over it very soon. I have released you from my mind and on this ground, I’m saying goodbye.

27. Obviously, there is no trust left in this relationship and there’s no point continuing since damages have been done to the trust. Goodbye, may you find another lover!

28. We both wished we could make it to the other side of challenges that have come to break us but unfortunately, we couldn’t.

29. There is nothing to say about the whole scenario but the truth is that life happens. Now it has happened, let’s move on.

30. Breakups are difficult but sometimes that’s the only thing to be done in situations like this. I call it to quit with you in this relationship, bye-bye.

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Serious Breakup Texts

31. Relationships are sweet if only the rules of the games are kept. When the rules are broken, relationships also break. You broke the rule already, I’m breaking it up with you as well. You may learn to keep the principle some other times if another person falls victim to you.

32. I took you as number one in my life but you never took me as such. Unfortunately, the level of respect I placed on you wasn’t reciprocated. I’m saying goodbye to cheating.

33. You’ve never really taken me as a number in your life and nothing could be more painful than that. I’m pissed about being number two. I’m a king, I don’t share space.

34. Your ill-treatment of me has spoken loudly to me that I deserve better treatment than this. Thank you for such a reminder.

35. I never intended to get into this relationship to be with a fighting mate. It has been fighting upon the fight. I’m done with fighting. Have a lonely time.

36. It may be that you reminisce on the good time you’ve had with me and you want to check back because of that. Please don’t bother to look back. I have moved on and truly I have.

37. My effort to save this relationship has been proven abortive over time. I can no longer bear with migraine I call relationships. Goodbye to this headache.

38. You suddenly made a sweet and loving relationship become loathing stuff that cannot be swallowed. I can no longer bear it, this is the end.

39. I tried my best but obviously, this won’t work out. I’m tired of forcing what it’s not meant to be. Forget about me. The best thing for both of us now is to move on and forget about each other. It’s better to be alone than to be in pain.

Best Breakup Texts to Send

40. The announcement of my departure is no news to you because I know you wanted it. Don’t be surprised I have taken my leave.

41. Our paths are different, we have to go our separate paths. This is the best decision I’ll ever make with my life. I’m happy I’m free.

42. The relationship was very lovely until you no longer can exercise patience. I need my freedom and my space. Goodbye.

43. Life was at a time pleasant with you but all of a sudden the pleasantness became something else. I have got to go and have my space.

44. I noticed that moving on was easy for you but for me, it wasn’t. I’m not happy about this but the only way forward for me is forward.

45. I increased my level of sacrifice in keeping this relationship but all to no avail. Why die pleasing whom I cannot really please? I have to separate myself from you. Stay off as well!

46. I thought deserting my activities to spend quality time with you would make you understand me better but all to no avail. I don’t like my feelings about this but I have to say goodbye.

47. I understand that you’ve been trying to beg me to stay back but I consider our separation as the best possible solution for now. Let’s stay off until we can value each other.

48. When I love, I love absolutely. When I trust, I trust passionately. This is my attitude until you taught me otherwise. Thank you for the hard lessons.

49. I have learned how not to be vulnerable to anyone without putting security measures in place. I don’t like what happened but the deed has been done. Move on without looking back!

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Polite Breakup Messages

50. I didn’t find it easy loving you, that’s why I didn’t find it easy to stop doing so. It’s an unpleasant experience but I have got to bear this and never allow myself to be a victim of your traps again.

51. It’s hurting seeing that we both have to walk away from each other and never return anymore. It’s obvious our time together is done and we have to go. This is hurting but at the same time bearable. I can bear this and never make myself vulnerable to you again.

52. I have observed you and I could see that you’re done with this relationship. You no longer want to be here. Why keep you when you want to go away?

53. Whenever I say I love you, I truly mean I do. But what can I do since you broke my heart into pieces? With time, my broken heart will be mended.

54. Because of the value I placed on this relationship, I tried my best to keep us together but your effort has always been to put us apart. Have your way, therefore.

55. If you say I will miss you, there’s no lie about that. But what good will miss somebody that doesn’t treasure you do to me? I stopped missing you henceforth as I say goodbye.

56. Be reminded that once you’re gone, I don’t want to have anything to do with you again. I’m done here and never to look back.

57. I loved you with everything I have got and I hope that’s the same thing with you. But obviously, it’s not! You don’t deserve my partnership anymore, goodbye.

59. I’m not so sad about this breakup because it’s freedom from the undeserving treatment you’ve been giving me. I’m glad I’m free from ill treatment.

How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend Without Hurting Him Over Text

Breakup is truly painful and the pain cannot be fully expressed. Maturity demands that you don’t break a person you broke up with. This is why you have to mind what you say!

60. Nothing is as painful as investing your all in somebody who doesn’t value anything you do an inch. I love you but you never valued me an inch. It’s on this note I have to part ways with you.

61. I loved you sincerely to the best of my ability but you seem too difficult to be satisfied with. May you find an impeccable lady that’ll satisfy you.

62. I never demanded too much from you other than asking you to love me genuinely without compromise. But this seems too costly for you.

63. Nobody wants to stay with dissatisfaction and lack of joy as a life partner. We’ve got to go our own ways. Thank you for all you do, I will remember you for the lack of genuine commitment.

64. I have always wanted somebody that will love me the way I am and allow me to grow but you are not ready to give anything to get this relationship working.

Positive Break-Up Messages

65. There’s nothing you’ve wanted me to do for you that I have not been doing for you. But on your side, you don’t input anything at all. I hope you get right along the way!

66. You’ll have to take your leave to understand what you’ve missed because truly you’ve missed a whole lot. May life favor your adventure!

67. You’ve always thought that there’s something better somewhere but I bet you that life will shock you to know that nothing is better anywhere.

68. I envisaged our bright future which is why I have given my all to you. Unfortunately, you’re such an ungodly cheat. It’s okay, goodbye.

69. I couldn’t just continue bearing with you any longer because you’ve made life unpleasant. This is a goodbye note that means goodbye truly.

How to End Situationship Over Text

When a relationship has now turned out to be a situation, it’s better broken than being kept. In a situation-ship relationship, your lover becomes your fighter which is not good for your health and your sanity.

60. Life is short and it’s to be lived in joy and peace of mind. I didn’t start this relationship to increase my concerns. I can no longer cope. It is very tough to declare my end interest in this relationship but I have got to summon the courage and tell you. Goodbye.

61. Trust is like a mirror, once broken cannot be fixed again. I don’t know anything you can do to convince me otherwise. I’m far gone from you.

62. We’ve had life’s best time together and anyone would love this sincerely but we can no longer continue because we’re done and meant to do away with each other.

63. At this point in my life, I have got to face the truth as it appears. Nothing can be done further between us, we got to go. Goodbye.

64. I have dreamt a lot about our future but time has proven to me that I’m daydreaming all the way. There’s no problem, I have to go and let go of daydreaming.

65. My efforts to prove the depth of my love for you have been proven futile. This is unimaginable but such is life. I’m tired of this situation.

66. I was having my best time in a relationship until your disgusting character turned everything into situations. Your odious character is already making life difficult for me. I’ve got to face the hostile truth the hard way. I’m off here!

67. Never do you think I’m hurting, I have to leave because this is the best I can do to salvage my life and secure my health. I didn’t wish to see you again!

How to End a Fling Over Text

You’re too beautiful to end up in a fling. Fling holds no future for you and therefore you should not keep such. If you’re one, here are beautiful texts to help you end it.

68. The end has come to this casual relationship, I can not continue with this. I had to go and search for someone who wanted me. I thought you’d be a good friend who will love me for who I am but you’re far from it. Now I understand better and I have to just let go of you.

69. I have tried my best to get our relationship into serious commitment but you’re not ready for such. And since you’re not ready, stay off me. I was very happy with my life until you showed up to disrupt my peaceful life. How to best regain my peace is to let go of you.

70. I was observing you closely to know why you were in my life. I thought you meant well until time has proven you to be a liar. Bye-bye to this lie called relationship.

71. I’m so excited today because the lies of many months have been fully unveiled. There’s nothing you can say that will make me consider you again in my life.

72. I was patient enough to see what kind of person you are. My critical observation of you has proven to me that you’re a cheat. Away with this cheat called love. Did I ever know that you’ll take advantage of me this way? Sincerely, I don’t! But now that I know, I have to correct myself.

73. All I’m trying to let you know is that I don’t love you anymore and that chances I gave you are exhausted. This is the end of it all, goodbye. May no one is unfortunate again to be caught in the trap of falling in love with you as I did. You’re a trap, I’m happy I’m liberated.

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How to End a Friendship by Text Examples

74. It’s obvious this friendship has fully fulfilled its essence that’s why you’ve been misbehaving. This is time to let you go. I don’t feel happy about the quit from this relationship but this is what I have to do to restore my sanity. Bye, I’m no more.

75. Did you think I was gullible by giving my all to you? You’re a dog that doesn’t deserve anything good anyone can give. May life repay you for the hurt you’ve caused me.

76. My life deserves uninterrupted peace which you have found too expensive to afford. I deserve my peace and personal happiness. Leaving you is a sad reality that must be accepted the hardest way. But today I have the grace to accept it and I have to move on with it.

77. I need total freedom from all the mess that you’ve put me. I thought I was in love, I didn’t know I was in the mess. I left you long before I declared it. I’m fully prepared for this and don’t think I’ll miss you. You’ve done enough in my life, I can’t cope any longer.

78. I have no feelings for you anymore, I have exhausted everything that could be traced to loving you. This is the end of our relationship.

79. What a joy in my heart leaving this toxic environment called a relationship. If this is how a relationship should be, then, no one should be in it.

80. This friendship began as an asset but is now a liability that I can no longer fund. I have to discontinue myself from this stress and that’s why I’m saying goodbye.

81. We’ve been in what looks like a relationship that has no future. I’m done here, don’t attempt to woo me back to you. Instead of fighting and arguing continually, I think we can do something worthwhile with our lives. Let’s take a break. Goodbye.

82. We don’t love each other anymore, let’s accept the bitter truth. It’s obvious, that we have to go our different ways. Thank you for all you have done for me, goodbye!

83. I won’t forget you so easily but I have to let you go. Not too much talk, goodbye.  We had a very enjoyable moment together, I cannot deny it! This is very painful but I just have to take heart! Goodbye to my one-time lover!

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