Reply To Condolence Message On Death Of Mother

50 Responses and Reply To Condolence Message On Death Of Mother and Father

When you lose someone close to you there is little or nothing anyone can say to make you feel better. The pain of detachment from your loved ones can be very traumatic. This is a moment in your life that you can’t sail through all alone, you need the sympathy and compassion of others around you.

The death of a mother is a sad and unforgettable event in a person’s life. Whether the death came expected or unexpected, you would remember for the rest of your life. As a result, it would be hard to respond to people and get back to your normal state of mind. Crafted here is reply to condolence message on death of mother!

So if you are sent or called to share a kind word of encouragement and condolences on your loss it is polite you respond calmly to help the other person feel at ease. Below are a few words to reply to the condolence message.

Reply To Condolences Message On Death Of Mother

1. Your support during this period truly means a lot to me, thank you for being there when everyone left and for offering me a place to stay. You were there after my father’s death, God bless you.

2. Your presence and empathy have been felt by the family, and your kind words have brought peace and comfort to the family members. Thank you, sir.

3. Please accept my sincere apologies for the late reply, your condolences helped me find solace in my misery. Your message gave me light in my dark moments, may almighty God bless you.

4. I am grateful and overwhelmed with the love and generosity shown to me. You have been more than a boss but a father to me from the very moment I received that bad news. Thank you sir for your support.

5. Where would I have been without your constant calls and messages of condolences? You were always reminding me to pray and hope for the goodness of God during this sad time.

6. You are more than enough help to me. I can vividly remember your positive words of encouragement that very day when you had I had lost my dad. Thank you sir for everything.

7. Thank you for your kind words and prayers for my family. It means a lot to me and I don’t regret having you as a friend. You’ve been awesome during these tough times.

8. I appreciate the fact that you didn’t just send a condolence message but you came to visit and you shared in our sorrow. I am more than grateful for that act of compassion.

9. Thank you for sponsoring my father’s health bills and though he passed on after it all, you still supported with the funeral. May God continue to provide for you and fill your heart.

10. I am speechless about everything that you have done. You are a God sent to me, how you made this difficult time easy for me and my family is truly wonderful. God bless you!

Reply To Condolences Message On Death Of Father

11. Thank you for honoring the death of my father. I know that wherever he is he is happy to hear about the special memories and stories that you shared at his funeral.

12. I am sorry for the late reply, after the funeral I had to stay away from everyone because I needed my space to reconnect with my family and friends. Thank you for your patience.

13. Thanks for coming, I’m sorry I didn’t do more when our dad died. I should have contributed more to the funeral but I was too scared and uncomfortable to believe he was gone.

14. I must say that my father had a lot of good people in his life. The special words that were shared by his co-workers with mentees at the company were truly touchy. Thank you.

15. Thank you Mr. Ade for all your support during these difficult times. Since day one you have been following up with every operation and supporting us in every way, God bless you.

16. Thank you all my dad was a fan of natural things so he wished for this body to be cremated and have his ashes spread on the farm. That way he would be closer to the trees and flowers.

17. Thank you Mr. Bashirudeen for being a great friend, even with how far you stayed, you made it possible to attend my dad’s funeral. I sincerely appreciate you, sir.

18. I am sorry that I’ve not been responding to your calls and messages lately, it is hard to talk right now but I will reach out to you when I’m better and comfortable to talk.

19. My sincere apologies to everyone who has dropped kind letters and has shared on their social media platforms a picture of my lovely father’s funeral. I love and appreciate your help.

20. Thank you all for the kind and compassionate messages and memories of my darling father. Your words are truly passionate and have helped me through these difficulties.

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How To Respond To Condolences From Coworkers

21. Thank you for taking out time to come to the funeral I appreciate it. I am grateful that I can count on you, I appreciate it more than my words can express dear.

22. I appreciate your thoughtful words of inspiration and motivation, thank you for sharing your story with me. It gave me strength during these tough times.

23. Celebrating my father’s funeral was much easier with your help. I am happy to have such a coworker like you, your thoughtful prayers helped me stay strong.

24. Thank you so much for taking time from your working hours to attend the funeral. It was nice of you and I thank you for supporting me and my family during these hard times.

25. Your condolence card provided me with the support that I needed during these tough times. Thank you for offering your place for the family meetings and get-togethers before the funeral.

26. I want to say thank you for attending the funeral of my father. Your help and kindness showed that you take me more than just a coworker and I am so grateful.

27. I appreciate your help during these tragic times, you attended my father’s funeral even when you didn’t know him, and you showed up with gifts and prayers. May God continue to reward you.

28. Thank you for offering a shoulder for me to lean and cry on. You gave me a listening ear when I had none, your sympathy and love mean a lot to me. God bless you.

29. Your thoughtfulness in writing the eulogy for my dad’s burial shows how you love and respect him. All the happiness and peace that he brought to you and I will not be forgotten. Thanks!!!

30. Dear Bisi, this may sound like a letter but babe I sincerely appreciate your act of kindness. You were there when I lost my dad and you shouldered all the bills and still contributed to the funeral. My God will bless you, babe.

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How To Respond To Condolences On Facebook

31. Thank you so much for this message, it shows the respect and honor you have for my dad. Once the date for the burial is fixed I will communicate it to you.

32. We appreciate your message and thank you for joining us in the celebration of my father’s life. My wife and I are showing appreciation for your wholehearted support.

33. We were honored to see you at the funeral. I thank you for showing up, your presence contributed to our gathering. My family and I sincerely appreciate your help.

34. Your support means so much to me and my family members throughout this terrible time, my father was so lucky to have a friend like you in his life when he was alive.

35. Thank you for the sympathy card of condolences and flowers that you sent over the funeral. We are happy for the thoughtful gesture and grateful to have you as a close friend.

36. Your heartfelt condolence message and words of encouragement touched my heart. You have taken us like your children ever since our father lost his life.

37. Thank you for your comforting words during this time of grief. We wholeheartedly appreciate it and I pray that as the comes to an end you will not lose anything.

38. Aunty!!!! Our prayer warrior, our daddy’s favorite sister thank you so much for the support and help that you have been rendering from overseas. God bless you ma.

39. Your message was received with a great depth of gratitude and I am grateful for reaching out to me. You made sure I lacked nothing since I started mourning, I appreciate you very much.

40. Thank you very much for your words of condolences, those words were what gave me strength and made me know that I am not alone during this sad time.

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How To Respond To A Condolence Email

41. Words would fail to express how grateful I am for your kind and peaceful words of condolences. It didn’t just strengthen me but made me confident to handle all the sadness.

42. I appreciate your deep love and concern towards me, your condolence message gives me courage and hope on what to leave for after this trial and sad time.

43. Thank you for having me in mind and for showering me with assistance. My heart rejoices with so much gratitude and hope that assures me that this time is temporary.

44. Your words of wisdom and thoughtful message have relieved me from my sad state. I acknowledge your help and presence during these tragic times. Thank you for your support.

45. To be honest sir, I didn’t expect your message to bring me so much calmness. Your sweet words did me good, I am grateful for every word you said in your message. God bless you!!

46. The loss of my father broke me after all that was spent to treat him but your words of condolences revived me from the darkness that wanted to trap me.

47. I am saying a big thank you for your words of encouragement, your help has been my strength when it looks like all hope is gone. Thank you for offering your assistance wholeheartedly.

48. I am grateful to have a friend like you, my best friend and cheerleader. You made me happy even in my great pain, you gave me back my confidence. Thank you so much.

49. Thank you for the kind words of wisdom that you gave me, it helped me when I started losing my faith. Thank you for sharing your story and words of comfort with me.

50. I will forever be grateful for your time and well wishes, although the loss of my father can’t be reversed but crying and wailing will not bring him back. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

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