Heart Touching Quotes For Dead Mother

50 Short Memorial and Heart Touching Quotes For Dead Mother From Son and Daughter

A Mother is one of the best things that could happen to anyone. She’s a person who will be there from the very first time of one’s birth, till when she grows old and departs. She makes the most sacrifices for her children, showers them with love, and nurtures them in the right way. She can go as far as giving up her life for her children just so they can live and become something great in life. No one can replace one’s mother in a child’s life when dead, they can only act as one, but it cannot be the same. If you just lost your mother, then heart touching quotes for dead mother is for you.

Mothers are sweet and loving beings that everyone prays to have close by in their life, but when they are dead and gone, it can be the most painful and traumatic thing to a person. A person without a mother has lost one of the best gifts of life and can only continue life’s journey on their own. Having one’s mother dead can come with a lot of difficulties and challenges, as well as sorrowful memories that affect one’s mental health and well-being.

We have put together the best quotes and words for everyone who has lost their mum, to be able to express themselves whenever and to whomever. These quotes are heartfelt and touching because they are written with absolute delicacy and subtle emotion so that they can help those without mothers express their emotions fully and easily, as well as communicate their mind state to anyone.

Losing A Mother Quotes From Daughter

1. I do not know how to live without you, you are such an amazing mother who completes me in many ways that no one can handle. I’m lucky you were my mother and I took after you.

2. I have lost a treasure, and I find it hard to be myself. Dear Mom, you are the epitome of beauty, a beacon of strength, and a shoulder to lean on. It is such a great tragedy to lose you in such a time like this. I will always remember all we discussed and make you proud up there.

3. You gave up the ghost for my sake, I wouldn’t have lost you yet if not for the problem that I caused. You are supposed to be relaxing in your comfort zone to enjoy the work of your hands but it is so unfortunate that you are gone. Till we meet again Mother I love you.

4. Have searched all over the earth, nook, and cranny of this world no one is compared to you. You are a mother of great influence. You never see a child in a struggling state and you won’t support them. May your legacy continue to abide with us forever. Forever in our hearts.

5. What kind of mother will sacrifice her God-given life for the sake of her child? But I found you to be the number one person to execute that. I promise not to let your death go in vain, we will always miss you. It has been hard without you here Mom. Let your soul continue to rest in peace.

6. My heart shattered into pieces when I heard of the shocking news about your death. You were one in a million. A true mother and a daughter of Zion. No one has ever talked ill of you before because you are a true model and a woman of influence in the vicinity. Thank you for living a good life.

7. Just as the day passes by your love will remain strong in my heart I will hold on to it till we meet again. I will follow in your footsteps and make the world a better living place. I will love, care, and make peace with people around me. I love you, mother. Rest in God’s arms.

8. The day I lost you to death was the miserable day of my life, at first I thought I was dreaming not until I was told to use the shovel to pour sound on you then I knew this was real. I’m pained you are no more, I hope I heal from this heartbreak soon. Even after your death, you are and will always be the best mother in the world.

9. No amount of words can fully explain how sad I feel losing you, where do I start from? Who do I fall back to? Who do cry to? Who can care and love me like you do? Of course, no one can watch over me like you do. Please keep watching and smiling at me from heaven. In your absence, I will make sure to be the best.

10. Dear Mother, your impacts on my life are immeasurable. I don’t know how I am going to continue this life without you. I will forever live with this pain in my heart. I pray to God to rest your soul in perfect peace and may His perpetual light shine upon you. You remain in my heart forever.

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Short Memorial Quotes For Mom

11. I sincerely miss you Mom and I get to understand while you always tell me to be strong and to lose guard because you know one day I will be alone without you by my side.

12. For all those things that you have done for me I will always be grateful because I am where I am by your hard work and consistency. Keep resting, I miss you.

13. Each time I come to visit your grave, I always put your favorite flower that represents your dignity and true motherhood to me. I will always love you!

14. Dear Mother, you are loved beyond words. Your memories are a treasure I can’t you with and your life was a blessing to me and many. You are missed beyond measure.

15. I wish you were here today, today is a day we have both been anticipating but it’s so sad you couldn’t witness it with me. I miss you every second of each day and I will all my life.

16. Today marks another day of your loving memory of our beautiful mother and sister. Your life inspired us to date and we are yet to recover from it. Thanks for leaving us a good legacy.

17. We may have lost you but your love and memories are still strongly with us. You shall never be forgotten on this day. We love you till eternity!

18. Every year of this day we will keep rejoicing over a life that impacts the whole community, church, and neighborhood. Both old and young won’t stop singing your praises. Continue to rest!

19. Your love leaves a strong memory no one can erase but your death still leaves a wound in our hearts no one can heal. You will always be with us.

20. Ever since you left no one has ever loved and accepted me like you do. I missed everything about you, you are a mother I would love to have over and over again.

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Losing A Mother Quotes From Son

21. They say the best bond there ever is between a Father and daughter, but ours is far more than the best. As your son, having you around to share the good and bad times is something to look back on. I’ll forever cherish those moments, Dear Mama!

22. My heart still breaks at the thought of you taking your last breath right in my arms. Your last words and wishes still ring in my heart every time. I cannot describe the times I’ve been after them without you.

23. Being your son is a privilege I never took for granted. I Love how you helped me shape and redefine my goals and purpose. You taught me to be an established man and to stand on my feet. It pains me now that you’re no more dear Mom, and that there will be no one to remind me of all of these teachings.

24. Your demise came as a shock to me. How will I ever get through this life without you by my side? Who will call me at random to check on me, no one to call me, and shower prayers over the phone for long minutes. Dear Mom, I’ll forever miss you.

25. The saying that one does not know the value of something until it’s lost is a well-crafted one. I know I wasn’t the best of sons and I was never really there for you when you needed me. But in my little way, I loved, cared for,d and cherished you. I can’t believe you’re no more already.

26. If I had known the call you placed to me was going to be the last, I would have held on longer on the phone and spoken to you more, maybe you’d have revealed the secret that you were leaving me behind. Howbeit you left me alone in this cruel world?

27. The fiery conversation we had days before your passing on hasn’t left my head. I feel like I’m responsible for your death and I deserve to go to your place. This came as a shock to me and I don’t know if I’m able to bear this alone. Rest in Mom.

28. What is life without having a confidant, and what is living without your mom? You deserve every good thing in this life but you didn’t wait longer to enjoy them and that hurts me the most. You are so going to be irreplaceable dear mom and I’ll miss you dearly.

29. I must be the worst son ever for failing to adhere to your words when you were alive. I thought you were going to be here by my side forever, little did I know you had limited time and that’s why you kept reiterating your words to me. The truth in your words just dawned on me and I realized I won’t ever get to see you again. I’m so sorry mom, rest in perfect peace.

30. Mothers are like a mirror to their sons, they reflect who they want their sons to be and mold them up in that manner. My mother has been my mirror all through my life and by your guidance and pieces of advice you’ve molded me into the man you reflect. Till we meet to part no more dear Mom.

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The Pain of Losing Your Mother Quotes

31. Never did I think I was gonna lose you this soon. I was still basking in the comfort and warmth your presence brings to me that I never prepared for your absence. Now that you’re no more dear mother, there’s no one to fill this void that you’ve left.

32. It came as a great shock to me when I heard the news of your demise. A thousand and one thought flashed through my mind of things I would no longer be able to do with you. Up till now, I haven’t recovered from that shock because of how much I’m unable to do the things we both did.

33. My mother, my guidance counselor, is the one who can teach me to do certain things in a million ways and still be right. since you’ve left, things haven’t been the way it is again for there’s no one to teach me how to do things like the way you did.

34. If I ever get the opportunity to choose a mother in my next life, I’ll choose you over again. Having you in my life was worthwhile and I cherished every moment with you. It pains me that you won’t be here anymore to spend more time.

35. I didn’t think living without you would be this difficult Mom, and neither did I imagine a life without you in it. Your demise was just too sudden for me and I’ve been struggling to adapt and move on. The pain I feel is unbearable.

36. It hurts so much to know that you’re no more and I can’t see you again. I miss you so much dear mother, and every day, I think about you. Everything also reminds me of you and I break down in tears.

37. My days as your child were the best I could ask for. waking up to someone I could call my mother was the best feeling ever. Now that you’re no more, it hurts a lot to not have anyone to call my mother and no other one.

38. You are the one who supports me the most when no one would. You shower me with prayers and so much love. It pains me more that my best supporter is no more, and there will be no one to fill that gap. I miss you, mum

39. The best love one can get can be from one’s mother. Dear Mom, the way you carried me and shielded me while you were alive cannot be compared to me. Ever since you left, things haven’t been the same for me. I cannot bear this pain alone.

40. Dear Mom, you were my best friend, my confidant, my prayer warrior, and my champion. You were supposed to stay longer than you did but death took you soon. That alone hurts me deeply because you are not here to witness the greatness I’ve attained.

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Tribute To A Hardworking Mother

41. My mother is my dependent! she would always call me at random just to pray for me and check on me. The way she’d ask about my well-being like I was the only child would marvel at me. I miss you loads and I wish you eternal rest in God’s bosom.

42. I remember how you would rub my head back to sleep when I was having a hard time getting some sleep. you would bring up random gist in between just to make me laugh and go back to bed. I miss all of those times now that you’re no more. keep resting dear mother.

43. How you do the little things you do essentially is a skill I still wasn’t able to learn before you passed on. You would always tell me to put the most energy even into the very littlest of activities just to bring out the best. Dear Mom, since you left, there’s no one to remind me of this teaching again and instructions. I miss you ma.

44. To the one who I hold in the highest esteem, one who sacrificed almost all of her time to bring out the best in me and everyone around me. I do not know how to carry on your legacy because it’s so hard to replace you. Till we meet again dear mom, I’ll miss you.

45. My mom would always tell me to believe in myself and my dreams no matter how big they might be. She would advise me to not give up easily when I set my heart on something. Dear mother, thank you for all those teachings because they have shaped me into who I am today.

46. Tribute to you dear mom! I’m glad you’ve left the sinful world for a better place of rest. It’s not been easy without you and my heart has been heavy-laden. you were the best mother I could have asked for and I’ll forever hold you in my heart.

47. Adieu Mom, You have spent the best of your life here on earth. You were an angel in human form and a passionate humanitarian. I love you dearly and I will miss you. Thank you for making me your child, and imbibing in me the best teachings. Till we meet again ma.

48. You once told me not to allow my emotions to cloud my thoughts and judgment. You were the best judge of my emotions because it was so easy to tell and define my moods and emotions. The news of your demise hit me so bad that I do not think I can come out of it. Rest in peace ma.

49. The thought that you’ve gone to be in a better place delights my heart. You were a very peaceful person and lived a life of peace filled with love. I don’t think I ever saw you display anger publicly towards anyone. That alone I’ll miss you for.

50. You were everything a good mother should be. you taught with simplicity and love. you took everyone’s child as your child and extended a helping hand to everyone in need. Indeed you have lived an exemplary life dear Mom, and may your soul rest in perfect peace.

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