Missing Grandma Quotes Death

70 In Memory of Late Grandmother and Missing Grandma Quotes Death

Losing your grandmother can be a challenging experience because of the bond of affection that you people share. The pain of the loss could make you unable to come up with the right words for the departure of a beautiful, loving, and caring grandma. How you feel after the death of an incredible person in your life can be so difficult to take to heart. To help you say the right thing, you can glean into ‘In memory and missing grandma quotes death’.

Grandmas are special in so many ways, their deaths will always bring sharp pain. Is it the stories they tell, the cuddling, the warm hug, the delicious meals they cook, the dresses they make, the secrets they keep, and many more? Who dares forget such a being so easily? Of course, no one! Remembering that you won’t get to see her again physically is quite unbearable, but the memories of her will keep you moving.

Looking for a genuine and emotionally heartfelt quote in memory of an adorable grandmother who just passed away? We have collated some unfeigned quotes, wishes, and prayers for your deceased grandma. It might be hard to let go of all the love she showered and time spent while she was alive. But picking words from the below quotes will heal your grief and make you feel relieved from heartbreak.

Grandmother Death Status

1. The announcement of your death shocked and dismayed me. Your unseen death weighs me down so badly that I can not but cry my eyeballs out. Farewell, Beloved Mother! I hope to see you again in eternity

2. I am highly honored and grateful to have You as my grandma, You answered the utmost call to glory just when You were supposed to begin to enjoy the reward of your labor. You will be missed greatly. I just wished you never to leave us.

3. Until we meet again grandmother, you will always remain the best grandma in the world, because your life remains a gentle reminder for me to become a better person. I miss you, thank you for your impact.

4. Every fourth day, of the first month, of the year has always been a moment of celebrating years spent on earth but now it’s an exit to glory and celebration of life. Your death remains a shock to me and it’s very difficult to swallow.

5. I lie awake at night while everyone is asleep thinking about your painful exit, I wish all of this was just a nightmare but reality has done on me now when I saw the burial flier. I couldn’t but pray for good rest on your behalf.

6. People may have wept and sober for your loss, but I know you are looking down from heaven to see how you mean a lot to many lives that are present here to mourn for your death and that gives me joy enough to know that your spirit has ascended to heaven.

7. I am extremely grateful for the gift of you. All you do for me and others will always be remembered and we will all do you the honor to lift the banner of the wise legacy you left behind.

8. Grandma, I know we can’t get to see each other again, but let your love continue to shine bright on me from heaven. In the future, I know I will see you again when I grow old like you are. I love you so much, Mama!

9. Death couldn’t grant you more time to help many more people, we will always do that in your honor and for your love for welfarism. The good work that you have started will never be forgotten. Keep resting, grandma.

10. What can I say, am speechless because I did not see this coming. I would have prayed to God to extend your days on earth but I couldn’t help it. Your sudden deceased is nothing but difficult and unbearable. I miss you greatly!

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Grandmother Death Message

11. Death has robbed us of your presence, but who are we to stop it? You are such a pillar and a beacon of strength to us as a family, your appearance alone is an illumination. Rest in grandmother!

12. Grandmother, you have lived a remarkable life and you have fought a good fight and you overcame to receive a crown in heaven. The legacy you have left behind lives on. You are truly gone but not forgotten!

13. It is so terrible and heartbreaking that you left us, who is going to tell us stories, and who is going to knead our dress? No one can inspire us like you do. The strength and love you gave will keep us moving. Happy Eternal rest!

14. I find it hard to let go of the painful deceased, remembering the nice time we spent together to gist all day and night, you are one person I love to stay with all day. I continue to cherish your impact on my life. May your soul find rest!

15. Every time I eat cake I always remember the period you taught me how to bake a cake, then, I stare at your framed picture hung in the sitting room and then smile. Forever remain here in my heart! Goodbye1

16. I wish you didn’t leave us so early, your departure is just a week today and it feels like years. The space you left behind cannot be easily occupied by another person. Your impact lives on! May you rest in peace!

17. To my incredible grandmother, thank you for a good life well spent together, your life has been a great one and I am glad for the purpose you lived for. May the angels guide you!

18. Dear grandmother, you have always been the most virtuous woman have ever come across, Thank you for raising us well and understanding that we should always make use of any opportunity that comes our way. May your spirit find rest!

19. When I look at it deeply, I realize you were more than a grandmother to me, you are a mother, friend, and confidant. I know death is something no one prepared for but you will forever be in our hearts!

20. Gone too soon! That is the least statement I could ever think of. How I wish death could grant you more time for us to spend together but is a pity you have to go rest. You have lived well and you deserve a sweet eternal rest. I love you, sweet Grandma.

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Rest In Peace Grandma Message

21. Our family lost a rare gem who had been a great covering for the entire family. What an amazing life my grandma lived, I still couldn’t believe you were no more. This is painful but we just have to say goodbye. I miss you, Grandma.

22. It saddens my heart that I can’t get to listen to your African folktales anymore. There are just too many things to remember you for. Your joy and strength level was phenomenal. Rest well grandmother.

23. Your moral lessons have been our guide on the path of life, and my heart is so heavy because no one is like you, no one can replace you, they can’t do it the way you did it. But my soul is strong because I strongly believe that you are at peace.

24. Many times, I wonder why death takes good people, but I know heaven is smiling at you right now! Likewise, the Angels are ready to receive you to your place of rest. Your good works keep following you forever.

25. Sweet grandma, your death leaves a heartbreak that no one can heal. Am heartbroken that I won’t get to see your beautiful face, your lovely fingernails, and your sweet voice. But your love remains in my heart.

26. It’s so hard to believe that you are gone but death can never be the end of my love for you grandma, You will forever be in my heart. Thank you for the legacy you left behind, it will forever speak of your good deeds on earth. Don’t be worried about us, we will represent you well. Rest in peace grandma.

27. Even at death, I will be forever grateful for the gift of you as my grandma. How I wish you could stay a bit more but we can’t question your creator. You have done your best in life, we will continue where you stop I love you Grandma keep resting!

28. You are a mother to many generations, a shoulder to lean on, the one that has never for once cursed but blessed people you come in contact with, we are all happy that you left the world a better place than you found it. Sleep in peace!

29. How do I cope with this grief of losing you Grandma, The love you have shown me is incomparable, the battle you fought for love and peace to reign among the family is what I cherish the most. I vow to keep your sweet memory alive. Have a good rest in paradise!

30. What you stood for while you were alive will continue to find expressions on earth. May your love and prayers continue to live on through the family. Farewell and rest in peace, Dear grandmother!

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In Memory of Grandma Short Quotes

31. You might be gone from this earth but you are never absent in our hearts. Your memory is a blessing and we will keep cherishing it forever! Keep resting!

32. If food can be served in heaven, I would have loved to send my grandma’s favorite meal, I hope you know I miss you every day. What you have done in your lifetime makes you deserve great treatment in heaven.

33. In loving memory grandmother, I hope you can see through my heart from heaven and see how I miss you, I cannot imagine it will be this difficult without you by my side.

34. Dear grandma, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, You deserve a better place in heaven because for sure deserve a paradise to rest in. I thank God for your life.

35. Thinking about you right now makes me happy and a smile on my face. Memories of you have kept me moving daily. You are such a rare gem, Thank you for loving and making me feel loved Grandma

36. For the lives you have touched with your good spirit, care, love, morals, and wisdom. Over and over again I will always choose you as my mother

37. Taking a walk down memory lane makes me feel helpless but I will not let that weigh me down, because your legacy shall continue until the world becomes a better place.

38. I still can’t let go of your body smell, the flavor of your meal, your best hairstyle, your fashion sense, and many more of what we do together in your leisure time. I will keep all of these memories and you will forever be in my heart.

39. Every day I sit back to check your album of your teenage, youth, and adult photographs They all look so beautiful, I will say I envy everything about you. Grandma, you are adorable even in your old age. I won’t throw away your sweet memories!

40. Your home is always open for everyone, your arm so wide to give warmth hope, and assurance to the hopeless. You are all have got back then and I will always have your motherly discussion in my heart.

I Miss My Grandma So Much It Hurts

41. My dear grandma made me who I am today, and I have never for a day regretted listening to you. How I wish you could wait a bit longer to see the better person am becoming. Your influence brought me this far. I miss you, mama!

42. Grandma, I would give it all it takes to never forget all you taught me and how you make me feel loved and blessed anywhere I go.

43. I thought of you today and all I could say is thank you but tears row down my eyes when I remember I can’t see you no more. I miss you so dearly, Grandma.

44. Nobody can replace your space in my heart and the family, your good spirit assures everyone that all is well. May it not depart from us. You remain fresh in our hearts forevermore.

45. How I wish you were here, a lot of gist on how have been doing so well after harkening to all your advice and how much I miss you so much, Grandma.

In Memory of Grandma Quotes

46. I never knew I loved you this much until I felt an empty place for you in my heart. I cried all night hoping you could come back to me but to no avail. I just want you to know that you mean a lot to me.

47. My grandma was truly one of a kind, no one can listen like she does, you are such a wise woman. But so painful you are no more.

48. I wish I could turn back the hand of a clock, Grandma you are a wonderful, loving, and amazing grandmother everyone would love to have. I hope to become like you as I grow older.

49. Losing your grandma is the most painful experience that has ever happened to me, but I won’t allow grief to break and I won’t give room for bitterness to make me shy away from the legacy you left behind.

50. I clearly remember what it felt like to be hugged and loved by you, the way you pat my back when I messed up things and you tell me everything is going be alright. I know you are with me always but I miss your presence, my grandma.

Religious Sympathy Messages For Loss Of A Grandmother

51. How jealously you worship God and diligently seek Him and keep His commandment till your last breath is immeasurable. Find eternal rest in the kingdom of heaven!

52. Heaven has gained an angel, it pays to serve your maker and He has called you home to rest. This is great news to the family and all the lives you have touched.

53. Rejoice in your deserved comfort, peace, and happiness, and rest well with your maker. Grandma till we meet again at the feet of the lord. Adieu grandma.

54. May you find rest and peace in heaven, where there will be no pains, sorrows, grief, bitterness, affliction, agony, distress, or terrible occurrences.

55. Your counsel on what love truly is and the power of forgiveness as a worshipper is what keeps me and other families moving. Your inner potency, power, and force are incredible. You will live on in our hearts!

56. Losing you is nothing but a great loss of a Matriarch, you are a strong backup for the young generation, mother to many orphans, and lover of God’s world. Many could not shy away from your godly aura. May you find comfort in the afterlife!

57. We love you but God loves you more is a good thing to say to you Grandma May your soul find everlasting peace.

58. It is so sweet to remember the righteous for they have fault a good fight and gone home to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Rest with the angels

59. Rest in paradise is all that you deserve, for your good works on earth still speak highly of you everywhere

60. Daily as I live, often as I breathe, I will always cherish and put to act all you taught me spiritually, physically, academically, and financially. Sleep in comfort grandma!

Nigerian Tribute To My Grandma

61. My superwoman, your strength and support as grandmother has extended to the whole family and generations to come. You will forever remain in our hearts.

62. My lovely grandmother, for all you went through for the sake of your grandsons and granddaughters we will never let all your effort go in vain, in which we are overwhelmed to have you as our grandma.

63. Even before I met you have heard so much about you, Grandma You are indeed Godsent to this generation but there’s nothing we can do as your creator calls you home. Adieu grandmother.

64. Truly you are a superhero, a role model, a special woman, one with a good heart. Thank you for your love, concern, and sacrifice to both old and young. I will forever flaunt you as my grandmother.

65. Even at your last breath you fought through this terrible illness due to aging. Seeing you lifeless in those last hours is so terrible. I hope you rest well!

66. I treasured you so much grandmother, you mean the whole world to me. I will always love you even when it is so painful that you are no more. Rest in peace my rock.

67. Dear Mama, if I could restore life to you, it would be the greatest miracle of a kind. Your images fill my head, your love is overwhelming. I will always love you, grandma!

68. Despite my flaws Grandmother you loved me unconditionally, I will not forget the sweet names that you call me they make me feel loved and important. You were a bunch of success and inspiration to me. Grateful that you rest in paradise!

69. You are the most beautiful, loving, compassionate mother, your hospitality is superb, your wisdom and moral lessons are unquantified, and your humility is what awarding. Is always a remarkable moment whenever you are around.

70. The world still grieves for your absence, Grandma you are irreplaceable, your level of wisdom and understanding is compared to none. What a gracious life spent on earth. We will continue to talk and emphasize your good deeds to us. We miss you, grandmother.

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