Sample Tribute To a Friend Who Passed Away

33 Sample Tribute To a Friend Who Passed Away

No one will ever accept the fact that they lost their daughter/son no matter the position or the age of their child(your friend). The bittersweet truth is that we all are going to die one day just that no one wants to die premature death. Whatever the situation, having a very good friend by your side is a precious stone that’s so rare to find elsewhere. They come with all kinds of love and hold a special place in your hearts. There’s nothing compared to a true friend. Everywhere is always colorful and beautiful around them.

Your tribute can be about anything that matters. Writing a sample tribute to a friend who passed away is a painful task. The loss itself creates a heavyweight in your heart that seems unbearable, yet the act of remembering her results in complete joy.

Here is a list of beautiful and heartfelt words that can help you to express your emotions and to offer genuine comfort to those who are grieving and going through a hard time. Don’t be afraid to show your sorrow and sad mood to a bereaved family by sending one of the messages below. We hope this list helps you to lighten your load to extract and create a beautiful tribute message.

Tribute To a Friend Who Died Of Cancer

1. I lost my best friend, my Joy giver, my superhero, my role model, my teacher. I can go on and on because you mean the whole world to me. Now cancer has taken you, I couldn’t hold it. Waking up not seeing you beside me gave me this heartache that made me cry my eyes out. But I will not give up on making you proud even in your absence.

2. As we gathered to rest my beautiful and unique friend in the bosom of the lord, I pray all your sins are forgiven and you find eternal rest. Rest from the pains, cancer, and other troubles of this world, and be free from the calamity of this life. Your home is glorious. Rest till we meet on that glorious morning.

3. Dear amazing friend, We will always remember the good times we shared. The memories we created will never be destroyed. Your kind words of advice, encouragement, and hospitality. You were like a mother to us all. Greatly, we will ever miss you. To the best friend in the whole world, continue to rest in perfect peace.

4. Gathering here today is to honor the extraordinary life you have lived on earth. My dear friend who had departed from this worldly realm into the gracious arms of God.

5. Your kind of faith is incomparable and your vibrant spirit was a confirmation of the love and grace of God that abound through you each day. Continue to rest in the arms of the Lord.

6. While you are still with us we can see and feel the warm presence of God’s love and fullness of His glory. Your life of testimony has inspired all who knew you to walk closer to God.

7. Nothing compared to how you lived a life that glorifies God and is devoted to your Christian faith. A lot of evidence then can contest that you have fought a good fight. Till we meet again Bestie.

10. Now that you(name)dwell with the lord in His eternal kingdom, there’s great joy in me because I know that you are free from shame, guilt, pain, suffering, and all. In the arms of the Lord, rest well.

Christian Tribute To a Friend Who Died

11. You have lived a life portraying Christ’s love, faith, righteousness, and faithfulness. Your sweet fellowship memories will continue to enrich us in the days to come.

12. We may mourn your tragic passing, but we find solace and assurance that you are now enjoying the wholeness of joy in the presence of our lord Jesus Christ.

13. Just as we gather to celebrate a life well lived, we will continue to portray a lasting impact that had on each of us and the heritage they left behind. May your soul rest in peace

14. To my beloved friend, though it’s a painful thing to lose you, your demise from this world is not the end, but instead a new beginning in Christ Jesus Rest well beloved.

15. We have assembled here to honor your great work of faith by continuing to live according to the faith of dedication and fervency that you portray. Keep resting, friend.

16. Honestly we felt the pain of your absence and we grieve alongside your family for your sudden loss. Our only source of comfort is that we find peace in the knowledge that you are now resting in God’s Bosom.

17. Your life was an extraordinary one, a shining example of what it takes to live out the Christian works and faith. Your memories among the brethren will forever be a blessing to all who knew them.

18. Dear beloved friend, I love you but I love you more. Until we meet again in the presence of our Lord, may we hold tight to the faith that sustains us and the love that’s brought us together brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Tribute To a Friend And Colleague

19. Your life has inspired a lot of people to strive for excellence no matter how they started because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. You are loved beyond friends and colleagues. May your soul smile upon us from heaven. We love you!

20. Every time I recall the beautiful moment we had I kept on smiling and smiling because you have proved yourself to be just more than a friend and a colleague. I will forever be grateful for all you do.

21. To a friend and colleague who had served diligently, honestly, and with integrity we have gathered together to mourn you in joy because you are a good person. But today even in death you have earned a lot of respect from people who worked alongside you then.

22. We are going to raise a toast for a life well lived to celebrate your meaningful life and numerous achievements plus your investment in humankind. Rest well, dear friend.

23. Today we have assembled to pay tribute to you, our dear friend and colleague. You are such an amazing individual whose unending support and compassion have lifted others to their destination. May you find peace.

24. You never hesitate in helping people even to the point of your tragic death. As a friend and colleague, you stood by everyone who needed help through thick and thin, offering your utmost support. May your kindness and love never go in vain. Rest well!

25. You are just irreplaceable not until death took you. Your professionalism and personality are like no other. Your generosity and kindness have impacted numerous lives. May your soul rest in peace.

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Tribute To a Friend Sample

26. I know I will all remember you even though you are no longer with us. We can see your impact in the lives of many around us at home, workplace, in churches, and even down in orphanage homes. Let’s gather and continue to embrace her good works and the family members you left behind.

27. Good day everyone, we have not gathered yet. mourn but to rejoice and celebrate a life well spent. All of us here know how humble and devoted he is to everyone in his circle. They said the first impression lasted longer, the very first time I met him I felt loved. He was the first to tell me how beautiful I am even though others do mock me with my disability. If I keep on talking I won’t leave here. I will miss him so much.

28. Dear friend, you might have grown away from my cuddle and pampering but you can never outgrow my love for you in my heart. Your ability to do many many things, how beautiful your smile is, and your kindness and generosity make me happy and I am super proud of you. Rest well.

29. My beloved friend, I’m so glad that God gave me a friend like you. I watched you so much from afar before we became friends. You are my biggest achievement. I will always be grateful for that. I’m indebted to you for all I am and hope to be.

30. You were such a great inspiration to me. I cherish everything about you so much, academically, spiritually, physically down to career-wise, and as a great influence. I love the push you gave me during my last semester examination in school and I graduated with distinction. I’m honestly sorry to hear about your passing.

31. Celebrating the life of my beautiful friend and mourning her passing all alone because I am supposed to have passed over your death. It is not easy of course, a friend of your kind is meant to live long and rule the world a better place. I miss you so deeply. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

32.Every time I wake up I’m always grateful for the life that you live and the legacies you left behind. You were loving, amazing, fantastic, and compassionate. I celebrate the grace of God upon your life and every other God-given skill that surrounds you. I’m thankful for the time we spent and the memories we created. Sleep well!

33. I’m glad and there’s a melody in my heart to write this tribute to you, a loving friend who is the epitome of love, support, kindness, and generosity. You have to depart this world after you battled with long-term sickness. May you and your legacy live on with us.

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