Comforting Words To Say When Someone Dies

45 Beautiful Things and Comforting Words To Say When Someone Dies Unexpectedly

Death is unpredictable and every one of us will have to pass through this in our lifetime, sooner or later, when someone passes away be it, co-workers, friends or anyone we got to know when they were alive, it is ideal to send their family members a soothing messages full of comfort words to make them realized that there are still a lot of people who care about them.

Comforting words to say when someone dies are what everyone going through the pain of losing a family member needs to calm their nerves at some point in time, they need a reassuring message in words, and we need to make them happy with comforting words, we need to make them smile for a moment even if it is while reading the messages.

When someone loses their spouse or partner, or their family members or friends of course they can feel like their world was just turned upside down. They lost someone closer, Of course, this brings about grief and sorrow, but they may also feel guilt, shock, fear, numbness, or even anger, that is where our words come in, we need to console them with comforting words to make them feel better, to make them realized it is not their fault and that death is natural.

What To Say When Someone Dies Unexpectedly Quotes

1. Life is like a moving train, reality hits so hard, I can imagine your pains and sorrow right now, no amount of words can describe what you are feeling right now, I just want you to know he is in a better place now.

2. He might have left us so soon but his memories will stay with us forever, he is a living legend whose legacy still lives after his death, I pray you find the mind to bear the loss, and may his gentle soul rest in peace.

3. I hope that as the pain of his death fades, his sudden death will help you to enjoy life at any moment and every point, I will be there for you during this grieving period, and may his gentle soul rest in peace.

4. Cancer kills faster than malaria but he overcomes it, how come he died suddenly with little malaria, life is indeed unpredictable, accept my heartfelt condolences, I am so sad to learn about his sudden death.

5. I hope you learn something from your friend’s ultimate death, you need to enjoy life at its peak, life can be funny at times, her voice ringing in my head, I know how much you will miss her, and I pray she finds peace wherever he is.

6. His death is just like a flash, his sudden demise is so shocking to everyone, and the entire family is ready to stay by your side during this period and beyond, you can always count on us all.

7. Life is like a dice that has good sides and bad sides, often the bad side of life is tossed to us when that happens we embrace it with faith and hope to see the good side of it soon, but in situations relating to death, there is never the good side.

8. Your son’s demise is so unexpected, I know no amount of words can bring him back but I want you to learn one thing from his death, which is life is too short for all the effort we put into it.

9. Life is too short for my liking, it is not worth all the effort we put into it, I am so sorry for the loss of your driver, I just learned it this morning, I am sending you my deepest condolences.

10. Death is so wicked and cruel, I can’t believe Josephine is no more, she spoke to me last night, I am so heartbroken right now, I pray you find the mind to bear the loss.

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Beautiful Things To Say When Someone Dies

16. I feel terrible over her death, people would have been saying many things to console you but none of them can bring her back including this, only someone who has passed through this pain will understand, accept my condolences.

17. He impacted the life of everyone he came across positively, he is just a sweet soul, his death is indeed a tragedy to us all, I am very sorry you have to pass through this, may God console the entire family.

18. Her smile is so charming and beautiful, it always gives an impression of innocence and attractiveness at once, I am just so attached to her beautiful face that I can’t imagine I won’t get to see her face any longer.

19. She made me feel like a queen anytime we spoke, and she has never made me feel less of myself, losing is just a tragedy to the universe, the universe has lost a rare Gem, may your soul find the peace you deserve.

20. I have not felt this type of sorrow in a long time, I feel so hurt and betrayed, I was so close to the deceased, she could have at least told me once but no she never mentioned it to my hearing, I am so sad, may the Lord accept his soul.

21. He was one of the best things God created, I chose him as the only person I love but now he is no more, my life can never be the same again after you leave, I pray you find the peace you deserve over there.

22. I am so attached to you, why did you have to go and leave me stranded, you left me all alone in this cruel world, how did you want me to survive without you being here, I am in so much pain, may your soul rest in peace.

23. The most interesting thing about you is that you are trustworthy, you are just so honest to everyone you meet, I believe your good deeds are speaking for you now in heaven, may your soul rest in peace.

24. You amazed me much with your character, often I felt you were pretending but since I got closer to you, I realized you are real, thank you for making me see the good sides of life even though your death reminds me of the bad sides.

25. How many people can boast of living life to the fullest, just a few people like him, he did not allow his sickness to deprive him of the enjoyment of life, he enjoyed his life despite being sick, and he is so optimistic.

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What To Say When Someone Dies Unexpectedly In Islam

26. Inna Lilahi Waileihim Rojiheem, To you we come from, and to you, we shall go back to, I sympathize with you on the loss of your son, May Allah (S W T) forgive him of his sins and put him to a Good place in heaven.

27. Death is a debt that every one of us must pay, I am so sorry to hear about your son’s sudden demise, may Allah (S W T) Forgive him of his shortcomings and give you the mind to bear the loss.

28. Allah ( S W T) said in the Quran that he will test our faith with calamity, I believe this is one of them, Don’t think about it too much as only he knows why he was killed at this point, may Allah forgive Him.

29. The prophet of Allah (S A W) said, if you lose anyone closer to you, Dont cry and don’t say negative words at the moment, the house of the deceased is surrounded by angels, so say something positive to your life and the life of the demise.

30. Let’s think of her death as destiny, I believe she came into this life for a purpose and now that she is gone, her purpose on earth has been fulfilled, may her soul find peace in heaven, and may Allah forgive her shortcomings.

31. Pray for them, they need your prayers more right now, their death might be shocking and unexpected, but this is the best time they need you the most, Ask Allah for forgiveness of their sins so that they can rest in peace.

32. Stop blaming yourself for his death, it could have happened any way it is part of their destiny, and it has been written already, may his gentle soul rest in peace.

33. Every step one takes in this life is pen down, our birth, our death everything has been written, you did nothing wrong by allowing her to go, may Allah forgive her of her shortcomings and grant her paradise.

34. Her death is so sudden to all. I know it is a great tragedy that befalls the entire family, may God be with the entire family, and accept my sincere condolences.

35. May Allah in its infinite mercy stay with you and the entire family during the loss, and may Allah forgive him of his shortcomings, and grant him Aljanah Fridaous I am So sad to hear about his sudden demise.

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What To Write When Someone Dies Unexpectedly

36. My heart bled when I heard the news of her passing away, I mean she was so active and vibrant the last time we met, it is such a tragedy, I want you to put yourself together for the sake of your siblings, I pray to God to console the entire family.

37. The chairman’s death is shocking to the whole community, I know how bad the entire family will feel the impact of his death, I want you to know that you can always count on me, I will be there for the entire family in terms of need, May God Console you all.

38. Your Father made life so beautiful for me when he was alive, his death was such a nightmare to me, we still communicated last week and he did not mention any health challenges to my earing, so, how come he is no more, I am so sorry for your loss, I sympathize with the entire family.

39. I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandfather, I heard he passed away last night, I know how close you are to him, and I sympathize with you my darling friend, you will always be in my prayers and thoughts during this grieving period.

40. I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandmother, I learned he passed away this morning, May her soul rest in peace, I know how important she is to you, and that God gives the mind to bear the loss, you are always in my thoughts and prayers, Accept my condolences, dear.

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Short Quotes When Someone Dies Unexpectedly

41. The way you left so suddenly, it feels like you could reappear at any time. You’re gone, but you are still very close to me, I still feel your presence in the house, and I know gone forever, but it still feels like you are here.

42. I didn’t get to say goodbye to you, but the truth is, I don’t think I ever could have anyway, cancer is a beast, and we promise to fight this together, you promise to always be by my side, you never keep to your promises.

43. How many times did we say goodbye after hanging out? When you left my life suddenly, I know you would have said goodbye if you could, but you left suddenly without a farewell message, that is so mean of you to do.

44. In the instant you left, you taught me that true friendship survives longer than the friends who share it, you never live to fulfill your promises, I hope you finally got the peace you deserved.

45. Mother as I have always called you, you made a lot of promises to me, but you never fulfilled any None them, your death hit me so sad, I spoke with you last night and you can not tell me that it is our last conversation, I will surely miss you, mum.

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