Rest In Peace Tribute To My Mother

44 Emotional Rest In Peace Tribute To My Mother By a Daughter and Son

The greatest heartbreak anyone can experience is losing a loved one suddenly. It leaves your heart shattered completely beyond what you can manage all by yourself. That situation is very unpleasant and difficult to recover from no matter how hard you try to get back on your feet again.

Mothers are beautifully made by God to nurture their children with so much affection. They start exercising the love in their hearts for their kids right when they discover that they are pregnant. When they finally give birth, their world never remains the same as they continue to give attention to their little ones.

It’s had to say goodbye to a dear mother. With the rest in peace tribute to my mother messages below, you can make her feel how much you love her even though she is now in heaven watching over you.

Tribute To Mother From Daughter For Funeral

1. Dear Mother, I lack the best words to describe your awesomeness when you were still here alive and well with us. There is nothing I would not miss about you that you were known for. I love you forever.

2. This is obviously not the best day of my life because you are gone and I have to say goodbye. You still mean the world to me and I will forever cherish all the lessons you taught me about life, friendship, family, and love.

3. If I ever get the opportunity to choose you as my mother I will choose you without a second thought. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for me and my siblings. We are all very proud to have had you raise us the way you did

4. I feel like life has taken the best gift I had from me. You were my everything. I was always winning in life because you were always supporting me as I chased my dreams right from childhood. Thank you for all you did for me.

5. My life is not what I planned anymore because you are gone. I wish you could come back but I don’t have the power to make it happen. May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace for the joy that you made a daily experience for me. Thank you, mum.

6. Where would I have been without your love and guidance? I honestly would have messed up my life by keeping the wrong company. You saved me from destroying my life. I am very grateful to you, my wonderful mother.

7. some things still make me smile amid this heavy pain in my heart. When I remember how much you cheered me up when I was feeling down and lost, I smile thanking God that you were my mother. I certainly enjoyed your love.

8. You were the best mother anyone could have had. My life would not be this good without you leading me every step of the way from the day I was born. Thank you for ensuring that I grew to become who I am today.

9. In as much as I have questions to ask God about your death, I am consoled knowing that you lived a fulfilling life. You made sure that you did all you should do day to day. I promise to follow in your footsteps, Mum.

10. I will miss you every day for the rest of my life. I never knew this day would come so fast and you would be gone from me. You were the best mum in the universe. I loved, I love you and I will always love you.

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Best Tribute To My Mother

11. I still smile this morning when your thoughts rush into the gate of my mind. You were my favorite human and I will always be your favorite child, Mum. Hope you are safe right where you are?

12. Life has not been fair since you left me in this world to look at myself. All I ask is that you continue to watch over me from heaven like you did when you were on earth. You will always be my guardian angel.

13. My mother, you were my motivation day to day. Now that you are gone, all I feel is sadness. However, I know you want me to keep chasing my dreams. Give me the strength to keep moving forward.

14. Mum, I miss you so much. I am always thinking about you day to day with no hope of having you here again. The only thing that comforts me is the fact that you prepared my heart for the worst situations life can ever throw at me. Thank you for helping me grow.

15. I will always be your baby no matter how big I become in life. You will always be my super mother no matter where you are right now. Thank you for all the things you did for me and the entire family.

16. My heart gets a little bit of comfort knowing that God is keeping you safe right now and you have nothing to fear or worry about. God is always keeping me safe and sound here on earth. I hope to see you in heaven when it is time.

17. Mum, I, and the rest of our family are grateful to God that you were a part of us for the many years you lived. Life was tough but you were tougher. You did more than enough for us. Thank you, mum. Rest in peace!

18. You lived and loved everyone that was around you. You even treated other people’s children like they were yours. I learned so much from watching you interact with people daily. You were my role model.

19. Waking up every morning without being able to talk to you is not a good feeling. I still wish you are still here every single day. Wherever you are keep resting and keep taking good care of yourself.

20. Sometimes I feel like there are things were should have control over. One such is death. I wish you would never die. I guess I have to lower my expectations in life. You were always there for me from the beginning, mum. Thank you very much.

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Emotional Tribute To A Mother Who Passed Away

21. My mother, life is not fun anymore. This is the hardest thing I have had to say to you in all the years we shared together. How can I live without you?

22. Dear Mother, the memories of you in me will live on. I am going to tell all my children and grandchildren beautiful stories about you. They will pass it down to the generations after them after which I am gone too.

23. You were the best mother ever. I know history will be kind to you and your name will never be erased in the process of time because of how beautifully you raised your kids and touched lives when you were here.

24. My life has been disrupted after your demise. It’s like I don’t even know what to do with my life anymore. I miss your kind words, your hugs, and everything that makes you different. You will always be my mother, I miss you.

25. From my heart to yours; I love you, Mum. God really blessed me with a mother who made me her priority all through till her last breath. Mum, I will always be proud of you even though you have gone to heaven.

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Free Tribute To A Mother Who Passed Away

26. I want to say thank you, Mum. Thank you for all the wonderful things you did to make me happy when I was growing up in your sight. Life would have been totally different if you were not my mother.

27. Mother, I can never trade the love we shared for anything else life has to offer. You were the best of everything and anything life could offer me. I will always be thankful that you gave birth to me.

28. There is no one to turn to now that you are dead. I can’t even talk to people who I have known for long the way I spoke with you because you never judged me. Rather, you seized every opportunity to show me that you loved me. Thank you, mum.

29. Losing you is the toughest thing in my life so far. I wish it never happened. I wish you did not leave me to myself. I guess I have to learn how to cope and live without you here with me.

30. Till I see you again I will keep doing my best to make you proud of me in heaven. Keep protecting me like you were doing when you were on this side of the universe. Rest in peace forever, mum.

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Tribute To A Mother By A Son

31. Mother, this is your son. You know how much I loved you and cared for you. You were my superstar and I did everything for you. I have not been able to do anything meaningful since the day you passed away. Thank you for being my mother.

32. I still feel like you never left me. I guess that feeling is because you promised me that you would always be by my side no matter what. Here I am paying my tribute to you for loving me the way only you could have. I will always love you.

33. I would never have imagined that you would leave me so soon. I thought we still had a lot of years to spend together as mother and son. Death sure played a fast one on me. I miss you, my mum.

34. Sometimes, crying alone is all I want to do ever since you died. I wish you were still alive. Please help me to be strong for others who are in pain because of your demise. You were a big blessing to us.

35. God is all-powerful. He alone knows the reason why He allowed this to happen to you. Left to me, you will still be here, my dearest mother. May God keep you well in His kingdom as you rest forever.

36. Mother, now you have reunited with your ancestors in heaven. I hope they were happy to see you? I hope you are telling them about me, your son? I miss your personality so much that all I do most days is sit and think about you.

37. Time is ticking and I still wish you traveled somewhere close and you are planning to return very soon. Sadly, you are never coming back to me, Mum. You were the best personality in my life.

38. Having you as my mother day to day was the best feeling in the world. I enjoyed being your son because you loved me beyond words. I have never regretted having you as my mother. Rest in peace, mum.

39. I’m completely grateful to you for raising me to know God personally. If not for that, I might not have been comforted knowing you are in heaven and whatever God does is good. You are with Him now. That is my only consolation.

40. My life is what it is now because you were my strongest supporter for many years. You loved me and sacrificed all that you could to see me become who I am today. Thank you very much, my mother

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Examples Of Tribute To My Mother

41. There are so many mothers all around the world but you were the best. You were in a league of your own all by yourself. I will choose you to be my mother over and over again in a billion-lifetime.

42. I have no doubt that you are now in safe hands. I know God is keeping you in His Bossom now. I know you are happy where you are. Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone. I love you!

43. I can never replace you with anything in this world. Nothing is of better worth than you to me. My life is going to tell the stories of how good you were when you walked the surface of this earth graciously. Thank you, mother.

44. I want to promise you that I will never stop chasing all my dreams as you advised me to, my dear mother. Your words still resound in my heart and mind every single day of my life. I miss you a lot

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