Message For The Family Of Someone Who Passed Away

25 Short Message For The Family Of Someone Who Passed Away

Sending a message to the family of a deceased should be very constructive enough to speak to their emotion, You need to pick your words cautiously in order not to say something that would hurt their feelings or emotions, and you need to pick out supportive messages to send to them to make them feel better and make them realize that death is natural and can happen to anyone.

A message for the family of someone who passed away is very needful and should be emotionally structured. A condolence message should entail all the words that can comfort the mind of the deceased family, we must send them condolence messages full of good thoughts and positive words, comforting words that can put a smile on the face of the family of the deceased.

Writing a sympathy message is the right thing to do when the death of someone is announced. Do you want to acknowledge their loss and grief but also don’t want to say the wrong thing? You can find the right words here to help you out.

Short Message For Someone Who Passed Away

1. I am writing this with a heavy heart, Grandmother as I have always called you, you, and I know how much you have imparted my life positively, I can’t get over your death grandma, realizing you are somewhere without me hurts so much.

2. Chairman, your death is the havoc that would lead to a tragedy in the industry, I don’t even realize that you are gone, not until you are buried, it is still like a dream to me which I pray so hard to wake up, your presence will be greatly missed.

3. I am still in great pain that I don’t get to appreciate you for all you have done for me, your death is nothing but a great disaster at the moment, if there is anything I can do to wake you up, I will gladly do it.

4. My God, I can’t believe you are no more, I can’t get to see you again, I believe you are in a better place now better than where we are now, I don’t think I can have a better friend like you again.

5. Your death will leave me in premium sadness forever, I don’t think I have the mind to withstand your loss, can I ever get a best friend like you, I am so sorry I couldn’t do anything to save you.

6. I tried my best to make you stay, I did all I could to make you stay with me forever but it seems it is part of our destiny, I am so frustrated, and I pray your soul finds peace wherever you are.

7. Death is unpredictable, it takes you away from me at my lowest, I can’t bring myself to come to your burial, because I still believe it is a nightmare, I pray so hard to wake up one day and see you by my sides smiling.

8. Dad, why did you have to go so soon, life without you will be miserable, Can you please come back to us, I missed the way you scolded me if I did something wrong, I regret telling you how strict you are and not telling you how good you are as a father, I miss you, Dad.

9. Father, I missed the way I call you father, You left us when we needed you the most, and your death is a disaster to the entire family, you impacted our life so positively when you were alive, Dad, I pray I see you in the other life.

10. If I were to come to this life again, I would choose you as my mother over and over again, Mother you will forever be in my heart till eternity, thank you for being a supportive mother to us all.

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Message For Someone Who Passed Away

16. I can’t believe I won’t be able to see you again, You make me crave your endless affection, you know I won’t be able to see you again yet you denied me entry to your home the last time I visited, I am in so much pain right now.

17. Oh, No, I can’t believe you are gone, you don’t even give me the chance to express my feelings for you, I am so into you, yet I did not get the chance to express my affection towards you, I am in so much pain right now, May your soul rest in peace.

18. Cancer is a bastard I thought we promised to fight it together, but how come you stopped carrying me along, you made this bastard to win the battle, I can’t withstand the pains your death will cause, May your soul find the peace you have always crave for.

19. My God, I became so sad by thinking of your sickness not knowing you are no more, I have some questions that you are the only one that can give me the right answer to, could death be so cruel and wicked, may you find the peace you always craved for.

20. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, I can’t go a day without thinking of your illness, I have no idea this is going to take your life, I know how hard you have fought for your life, I pray that heaven gives you the peace of mind and soul that you sought.

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Message To Send To Someone Who Lost A Loved One

21. Your death came at the wrong time grandma, you can be so old but yet I still want you to live a little longer, I want you to live long so I can fulfill all the promises I made to you, your death is just so sudden, May your soul rest in peace.

22. Life has a way of turning destiny around, I don’t believe it is part of your destiny to die young, why did you pass away so early, you could have waited a little longer, Your presence will be sorely missed.

23. I can’t understand how life works sometimes, how could it take you away from us so suddenly, without any notice, death can be so wicked, I am in so much pain right now, Rest in peace dear.

24. Death is a debt everyone will pay for one way or the other, I believe it is your time to go Grandpa, But it was just so sudden, and heartbroken, I will surely miss your presence in my life, and every member of the family.

25. Dad, your impact on my life is so meaningful to my existence as a being, I can’t imagine life without you Dad, I don’t know how I want to live my life without your presence, it is just so sad and heartbroken.

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