Remembering Our Loved Ones In Heaven Quotes

60 Missing Someone and Remembering Our Loved Ones In Heaven Quotes

Your loved ones are those you consider dear and especially close to you. They could be related to you by blood, as families, friends, or just acquaintances. Whether or not you are bound by blood, they remain your loved ones if you consider them close enough to be one. These people share with you almost all the good and bad times of your lives, they are there for you when you need them and they act as a special kind of shield in your vulnerable moments.

Thus, whenever our loved ones are not around us, nearby, or even alive, we tend to miss them in a way and crave their presence. Remembering our loved ones in heaven is our vulnerable moment when we yearn for our loved ones who have passed on and hope to have them return to us, if possible. Hence we express our emotions and feelings in this vulnerable state through our writings, posts, or speech.

In our vulnerable and down times, it might be difficult to express ourselves or find the right words to describe how we could be feeling. That is why we have put together these special and delicate remembering our loved ones in heaven quotes so that whenever you feel the need to show how much you miss them, you can pick one or more from these quotes.

Short Quotes For Loved Ones In Heaven

1. Every time I think about all the memories we’ve shared, all the laughs and tears, the good and bad times. I love you, but God loves you more.

2. It doesn’t matter how long we stay here on earth, we’ll always return home to our maker. You’ve gone to be with your maker, and I know you’re in a better place.

3. Dear (add relationship), I never thought you would leave us when you did. I had already planned a lot in store to do for you and with you, but God called you just too soon. Continue to rest in God’s bosom.

4. If I had known you were going to pass on so soon, maybe I would have listened to you more and done things differently. Now that you’re gone, who’s going to tell me what to do and correct me even if I’m wrong? Rest on (add name or relationship).

5. It still feels like a dream waking up each morning and seeing you’re not here with me. I know the angels are treating you right there in heaven. so keep resting well up there.

6. I remember how you told me to look up into the sky to see the bright stars. You told me each of these stars represented a departed soul here on earth, and that when you’re gone, I should look up to the stars and you’ll be right there watching me.

7. I’m sure the entire host of heaven prepared a grand feast for your arrival in heaven because of how great and exemplary you lived your life. You found peace and went to be with the Lord.

8. It’s with much joy that I write this today, because years after you’re gone, your legacy and good works still speak for you. I’m sure the heavens will be proud of you and you will be a great asset up there. Till we meet again.

9. I loved you so much that if it was possible to swap places on your deathbed, I would. But my love wasn’t enough to keep you from leaving this sinful world, because God loves you more. Keep resting!

10. Till we meet to part no more, dear (add name or relationship). Your business here on earth is done, and you’ve gone to be with the Lord for greater business. Continue to rest in God’s bosom.

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Missing Loved Ones In Heaven Quotes

11. Dear Dad, it’s almost a year since you left us, and I must admit doing life without you, your guidance, and counseling has been difficult. Continue to rest well in heaven Dad.

12. It hasn’t been the same without you since you passed on. Everything keeps reminding me of you and the memories we share. You left too soon, and that hurts a lot. I miss you so much.

13. Each time I see a rainbow in the sky, I say to myself that it must be you smiling down at me from heaven. It reminds me of your beautiful face when you smile. How I miss you so much that I yearn to see you for one last time.

14. I have a lot to say to you right now, to tell you how much I’ve grown, and how well I’m doing. I wish I could just see you just one time to laugh with you and tell you about all of my worries. But all of it is just mere wishes because you’re not here with me. Till we meet again in heaven.

15. Seeing your body go down the pit was the most difficult thing I ever had to witness. Each time I remember, I feel like tearing my brain open and taking out the memory. I miss you so much that I’d give anything to spend just another day with you.

16. All the time that we’ve spent, the good and bad, the waves of laughter and tears, won’t be forgotten so soon. I still stare at your picture often just to remind myself how much you meant to me before the cold hands of death snatched you from me. Rest in peace dear.

17. I know by now you must have joined the heavenly choir to start singing beautiful melodies to God. You were inspirational while you were on earth, your voice transcends between the high and low parts of my heart. I miss hearing your melodious voice. Keep resting champ!

18. I picked up the TV remote to watch our favorite TV show, and out of impulse I screamed your name to come to watch so as not to miss it. It took a sharpening silence to get me back to my senses that you’re no more. How I miss you so much.

19. Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord! I know we’ll meet again when we part no more and do all of the things we loved doing. You were my friend, counselor, guide, adviser, and everything I needed to be better. I’ll forever hold you in my heart.

20. I know God does things for a reason. But the reason He took you away from me so soon is what I’ll never understand. I still find it hard to accept the fact you’re no more, but in all of these, I believe You’re resting well and you’re where you need to be.

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Remembering Someone In Heaven Quotes

21. I heard heaven is a place of peace and harmony where you do not have to worry about anything. Your demise was like a dagger stuck in my heart, it could have healed if you were still alive and present here. Your presence is deeply missed and it hurts. I will always cherish all that we had together.

22. When I see the word heaven I begin to think about you. I won’t stop loving and thinking about you, all I need is to learn how to live without you since death took you away. Thank you for the beautiful memories and unending love. I miss you so dearly!

23. You will always hold a special place in my heart because you have brought so much love, joy, and happiness and are also a source of inspiration to me and many people out there. Words cannot express your generosity and kindness to this generation. Keep resting in heaven!

24. I miss you more than words can say or express. The world is boring and less bright without you in it. But I continue to cherish the moments we were together and the memories we created. You will forever be remembered.

25. Your smiles and light that shine so brightly, I find it hard to believe that is gone. Your impact goes a long way in my life and the lives of many and left a legacy on this world that won’t be forgotten. Saying goodbye is not going to be the end

26. We had a chemistry, a bond like no other, you were there for me in good times and bad times. I’m so thankful for having you always. I love you and there’s nothing that will take your space in my heart! Heaven they say is the goal.

27. Losing you left a vacuum in my life that nothing would ever fill it. You were like a shoulder I could cry and a true friend to lean on, you loved me unconditionally and showed me what true friendship is. I cried till my pillow got soaked with tears. Rest easy!

28. You were the best among my squad of friends and I appreciate your personality. You were indeed a true gift and so far have searched all over and no one could replace your kind of person. Words cannot express how sad I feel that you are gone.

29. I think the thought of you will always haunt me but I take console because I know you are in heaven, a place of harmony where there’s no cause for alarm or thinking about the challenges of life. Rest well, my beautiful damsel.

30. You are the most beautiful, loving, compassionate son anyone could ask of, your hospitality is superb, your wisdom and moral lessons are unquantified, and your humility is worth awarding. Is always a remarkable moment whenever you are around. Rest in my little charming prince.

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Someone In Heaven Quotes

31. This is to you, my dear friend. Since you left, no one has filled the void you left. I hope you found a new gist partner and forever friend in heaven because I haven’t. it’s been so difficult without you, and I miss you so much.

32. Whenever I look around me and see things you do regularly, I think about you and how you would have done them skillfully. it’s like there’s no perfect replacement for you since you passed on. I know your skills would be perfectly useful in heaven right now.

33. Sometimes I wish you could hear all of my cries and come down from heaven just for once and comfort me. You said you would always listen when I cry to you, I miss you so much that I want to see you again.

34. Heaven is a perfect retirement place for sweet souls. I know you are there right now, and I wish I could join you. But since I can’t, I hope you find all the peace and rest you so desire and you didn’t get while on earth. keep resting.

35. I would have given up my spot on earth just to have you return to us. You didn’t deserve to pass on the way and time you did for you had a glorious life ahead of you. But I’m happy you’re in a more glorious place living the glorious life you deserve.

36. I’m glad all of the suffering and pains you endured and passed through while you were alive would be no more and that you’ll begin to enjoy and live peacefully in heaven. My dear (add name), continue to rest in peace.

37. If anyone had told me you would live when you did, I would have denied it and probably got you to do so many things we were yet to do. Thank you for everything you did while you were on earth, please do more in heaven.

38. My heart is filled with so much emotion that I don’t know what to do with it. Everything keeps reminding me of you, and things we did while you were alive. Heaven is your new home now, and I hope it brings you all the happiness you want.

39. To all the souls we’ve lost in this year, the young and old. The tragic and peaceful death, we hope all the souls get to heaven and find peace. They have left this world and completed their journey, may their souls continue to rest in God’s bosom.

40. You left this sinful world for a world and a life of ease. A world where there is no chaos or sorrow. I can imagine all of the smiles on your face and how happy you’d be by now. Till we meet to part no more.

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Missing Someone in Heaven Quotes

41. My mother is my shining light, you were the light that guided my path. You were in my life since my birth till you left me alone in this cold world. Keep resting mom, I know I will see you again in heaven one day.

42. The news of your demise came as a shock to me and I couldn’t process the fact that you died. I battled with this fact for over a year until it occurred to me you were probably going to be singing with the choir of heaven, and that brought me peace. Keep resting!

43. I can still feel the coldness of your hands as you drew your last breath on your deathbed. You told me to be strong and be there for the family, and to take care of myself. I didn’t understand how you had to leave such huge responsibilities on my young shoulders. Rest on Dad, we miss you very much.

44. It’s more than a year(or add no. of years) since you departed this chaotic world. Heaven must be a place of peace and pleasure as you didn’t bother coming back. Continue to enjoy the peace of heaven dear one.

45. My beloved, adorable, and caring brother. It wasn’t a pleasant sightseeing your cold body lying still in the grave without smiling. You must have been determined to get to heaven at all costs. I hope you got to your destination safely and that heaven received you with joy and gladness.

46. I thought friends were meant to stick with each other till the end, but you left me halfway into the journey. We planned on having the best life here on earth, but apparently, God had a better plan for you in heaven, hence the reason He called you home. Rest in God’s bosom, dear friend.

47. If I could travel from earth to heaven just to pay a visit to you, I would do that every day without tiring because your presence fills my heart with joy. But Heaven is farther than I thought and guarded by tight security. I miss you (add name or relationship), and I know we’ll meet again.

48. Heaven played a fast one on me when it took your soul away. I wondered why heaven had to allow our paths to cross when it would not allow you to stay for long. Heaven must be cruel because it took you to the point where I’d be needing you the most.

49. If heaven were a destination people travel to now and then, I would be the most popular traveler because I’d travel every day to see you, my love. Everyone misses you, and I miss you. I hope you find peace in heaven.

50. I ask God why He gave you to me when He wasn’t going to let you stay for long. He probably must be jealous because He knows we’d never be apart hence the reason he took you permanently. Heaven indeed is a home for lovely people like you, and I know I’ll get to see you there soon.

Loved Ones in Heaven Quotes

51. Dear(name), I will be glad if you can see and hear me from heaven. I will not cease Thanksgiving to God over your life. You were such a powerful light to this world. Many lives were transformed by the love and kindness you show. May you continue to read well in God’s bosom.

52. God gave each of us the gift of life, apart from the ability to breathe in and out your existence on earth was a blessing and worthwhile. My heart breaks anytime I think about you and that you are no more with us but your love still shines bright on us from heaven.

53. May heaven’s gate continue to stand open for you, and bless you with eternal life. May the angel of God be your guard? Always in our mind, forever in our hearts. You will be missed by all who knew and loved you.

54. Ever since your demise, your footsteps have been a huge path that nobody finds easy to fill, nor has your love ever been forgotten. The only thing deeper than the pain and grief of losing you was our love. Thank you for living a good life and impacting lives.

55. You may be gone from our sight, you have been apart from us. Your heart was my home.was a life well spent. Your heart was my home. I will always say well done even when you are no more, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful.

56. The lovely memories that are still alive in my heart are the ones we created together and they keep me moving whenever my day seems boring. I want to make more amazing memories with you over and over again.

57. No matter the time I get to meet you again I will wait for you because I miss not having you here so much, but I know a lot of lessons about life I’ve learned from you will keep me steady and focused. I will continue to cherish you and everything I have learned through you.

58. I miss you so much to the extent I feel like staying with you in heaven. Your words encourage me and lift me in life, even after the final farewell. Anytime I open my diary to read up I see a lot of our conversation that reminds me of you. We are encouraged in a new way each day through the way we live.

59. Today, the 6th of March, reminds me of the day I had to say goodbye. It hurts till tomorrow day because you mean so much to me and I can’t imagine doing things alone without you. Keep resting till eternity.

60. Even when nobody seems to understand my grief I will not stop grieving and mourning until I find peace in my heart and comfort in my abode about your death. You were the best gift ever from heaven and now you have gone back there to rest. I will always remember you at all times. Rest well, Heaven is the goal.

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