Tribute To A Daughter Who Passed Away

50 Farewell Messages and Tribute To A Daughter Who Passed Away in Heaven

Losing a child is one painful feeling that cannot easily be forgotten, it can ruin and destroy one’s life if care is not taken. Daughters are special beings in our lives, no one can take that part of our life that they share with us and no one demonstrates the unconditional love that they shower on us. Tribute to a daughter who passed away is the most difficult to write. Sorry for the loss of your precious daughter.

So when a parent loses their daughter is hard to move on and sometimes the parents end up getting sick after the death of their daughter. It’s sad to have to bury your daughter. So you must find strength and courage to follow through.

Kind words and wishes must be made as well, that’s why I have critically written these tributes for you because it will be challenging to get the right words.

Tribute To My Daughter In Heaven

1. It hurts me more than ever whenever I realize that I will not see you again. You were the best daughter for a father to have, so hardworking and dedicated. I will forever cherish my child.

2. Your death hurts me but it hurts me more that you would not be alive to see me get the promotion we both had been praying for. I miss you my child and hold you dearly in my heart.

3. What would I do now that you have gone? It hurts so much whenever I remember how you died. It’s not any father’s wish to bury his daughter, I wish you rest in peace, my child.

4. I always wished that your death was a dream that I would wake up and still meet you alive but it’s a lie. I can’t stand the fact that I won’t get to see you again my daughter. Rest in God’s blossom!

5. You were my only child and it hurts me deeply to know that I would not see you again. That I won’t be able to embrace you and play your toys with you. I wish you peace as you rest!

6. I will forever be grateful that you allowed me to be your mother and you didn’t stress me throughout the process of raising you. Goodbye, my darling daughter.

7. You made the world a much better place to live when you were alive. I must admit that I miss you and appreciate your kind words of encouragement. I still hold you dearly!

8. It’s such a difficult thing to accept that you are no more, I would never have wished for such to happen to you, my love. I pray that the lord receives you in his kingdom.

9. My daughter was the brilliant and shining star in my life. Thank you for your love and respect regardless of my shortcomings as a father, you are the best child to have as a father and it’s sad to lose you.

10. Dearest daughter, every day I wish I was in a dream. That your death is not real but imaginary, and I will see you when I wake up but it’s not true. I want you to know that my love for you will never run out. Sleep on!

Missing My Daughter In Heaven Quotes

11. My Love, though you are far from me dear. I want you to know that I will make you proud, I’ve started therapy for the illness. I won’t let all your efforts go to waste.

12. I hate to say this but you are the best out of all my children. Your resilience and strength that put this family together will not be forgotten. I love and miss you, rest on.

13. Happy birthday to you dear child, because you might not be alive to witness and celebrate this year’s birthday day. I want you to know that I got everything planned and distributed foods like you had always wished.

14. I wish you were alive to commemorate your birthday but God knows best why you had to go so soon. Even though I had organized a party you wouldn’t be able to attend, I want you to know that you are forever loved.

15. Congratulations baby, even as you are gone your goals are still being achieved. You were a big blessing to the world and I’m grateful to have you as my child.

16. My little girl. I want you to know that I still cherish and love you even though you are far from me. Your death will continue to be a shock to me and your mom, we miss you and wish you a a better place.

17. My baby girl was the epitome of greatness, so kind that she would gladly give out her food to a stranger. I’m yet to see anyone that can match your kindness, I want you to know that Daddy misses you.

18. Even on the verge of death you still showed care to the nurse who was tendering to you. My daughter was a good and grateful child who was consistent in her gratitude to people who helped her.

19. Today marks a year since you passed on, and the pain still hits hard as if it was yesterday that you passed on. Although I will not see you again I want you to know that I still hold you dearly.

20. My lovely daughter, you were the best thing to happen to me. Your word of wisdom still helps me when I feel like I’m not confident enough. It guides me and protects me, thank you for touching my life.

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Message To My Daughter In Heaven

21. My dearest daughter, I want you to know that I’m in good hands. Bola has accepted my proposal. You’ve always wanted me to get married ever since your mom passed on, maybe it’s because you knew you would go soon.

22. You were the sunshine in my life, you helped me with my addiction when everyone left me. Even your mother couldn’t stand me but you helped me recover, I want to let you know that I miss you.

23. My daughter was the support system of the family, you played a vital role in the growth of every affair of the house. It’s a terrible thing that you are gone but we have taken comfort in your good deeds.

24. I will always remember you, even though you left me here alone. I’ve not been able to let go of the scars of your death. I know it makes no sense to hold on to it but it’s hard to let go, please help me out

25. If you know that my love for you has not run out even with your permanent departure. I know that you are in a good place because you were truly a good person when you were alive.

26. I am writing to let you that I’ve changed, I’ve stopped taking hard drugs. Thank you for not giving up on me, your love is greatly imparting me even though you are not here physically.

27. No one has showered me with joy, love, or respect like you did when you were alive. I’ve been finding solace in the memories that we shared, I miss you dear.

28. I can’t forget the day you left this world and went to heaven. I had this terrible pain in my heart that day and I still feel the pain to date, I’ve been comforting myself with your words of encouragement. Rest on!

29. Few children would appreciate the efforts of their parents. You were always grateful for every effort that I made in the family. I hope you are happy where you are!

30. A lot of my colleagues talk about their daughter during work hours but I feel sad and lonely when I remember that you are gone. I just take my time to reflect on things we have done together and wish you are happy.

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Tribute From Father To Daughter

31. Today we say goodbye to my champion, a daughter after her father’s heart. My daughter was so intelligent that she always stood out for justice regardless of the outcome rest in my girl

32. My daughter was so inspiring and empowering that she gave ears and advice to people who came to her in times of trouble. She is forever remembered for her great importance in the pursuit of justice.

33. Goodbye to you the Apple of my eye, my wife was complaining about how much I allowed you to express yourself and now I get her point. I indirectly contributed to your early death. Rest in Matilda love!

34. My daughter deserves an award for being a lady of integrity and honesty, she didn’t for once take someone’s property as her own or take someone’s means of livelihood when she was alive.

35. What a great honor you brought to my life when you were born, A lot of people were in attendance at your naming ceremony. You were a child of luck, you gave the family light and joy that has never ceased since you passed on. I appreciate you for that.

36. My daughter was so responsible that she took up the family bills and expenses at a young age. I feel that I contributed to your early death because I was too sick to assist the family. I wish you a peaceful rest.

37. A lot of my family members, neighbors, and even my wife saw me as a social nuisance. They ignored me when I needed them the most but my daughter was there for irrespectively of the danger that I could have caused her. I will continue to miss you!

38. Shame to death. It took one of the priceless gifts that I have and it ruined my life drastically. I still can’t take to heart that my daughter is not alive and that I’m separated from you permanently. Till we meet again!

39. At times I go wait by the doors, anticipating your arrival from work. I stand by the door at times for four hours from the time I know you used to close from work that my wife thinks I am going mad. I wish you peace as you rest!

40. My daughter was so close to me that my wife’s family members assumed that I was having an affair with my daughter. It’s so heartbreaking to hear that and it hurts more that she passed on so quickly. Goodbye, my child!

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Tribute to Daughter quotes

41. Goodbye to the cheerfulness of the family, even in tough situations you brought happiness to people around you. In death, I pray you find the peace that eluded you in life.

42. Rest in my dearest daughter. You brought happiness and prosperity to your loved ones’ lives and neighbors. I wish you eternal peace that supersedes all as you pass on.

43. What a gentle soul she had. You will never find causing trouble or having an argument with people. So a gentle and easygoing child, I pray she gets a peaceful rest as she passes on.

44. We still hear her voice whenever we have family gatherings, so a sweet soul. Our dearest daughter we miss you and we pray that as you pass on your laughter resonates throughout the universe.

45. Though she might have gone from this world, her lovely and kind gestures linger in our hearts. In the pages of our hearts memories shared with her blossom forever.

46. Today we say goodbye to our daughter, she touched people life’s with her love and sweetness. As we mourn her passing we pray the good lord receive her in his blossom.

47. She might have left this world but with every tear shed and heartbroken, she shows the great impact she had in our lives. We wish her a peaceful exit from this world.

48. As we lay you to rest today, there is joy in heaven because they have gained an angel. We have peace knowing that you will be watching after us from above. Rest on!

49. Dearest daughter each day that passes, I feel like a part of my flesh has been torn out because of your death. I feel like I’ve been robbed of my life and I will continue to miss you. Sleep on dear!

50. It is with a heavy heart that I bid my farewell to you dear. Your love was a light in my path that led me to prosperity, although you might have gone. I still follow the directions that you showed me, sleep now dear!

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