Tribute To An Amazing Mother

50 Short Tribute To An Amazing Mother Who Passed Away

Mothers are super amazing. We don’t like imagining what life is without them because it’s not pleasant. It is never a good feeling to lose a mother. Nothing in the world can substitute for their impact on our lives. When a mother dies, the daughter gets devastated because of the love they share, it looks like the whole world is about to collapse and all hope is almost gone.

Now that it’s reality that your lovely mum is fast gone and you can’t possibly turn back the hands of time. In such a time as this, you need to take heart and write your tribute to your amazing mother. It is kind to express yourself and move on with your life.

Perhaps, with a good tribute to an amazing mother, you can make her smile in heaven. She was a warrior on earth raising you the best way she could. She deserves to know that she did a good job.

A Short Tribute To A Mother

1. Having you as my mother was God’s plan. He knew you could raise me which is why He entrusted me to you. Thank you for raising me the way you did. It could not have been better. You did a perfect job. Goodbye, Mum!

2. The story of my life is not complete if you are not spoken of. That is because you were instrumental in shaping me into who I have become. It takes a strong personality to raise another strong personality. Thank you, forever.

3. Mothers are priceless but you were much more than priceless to me. You were too great and too beautiful to be described with words. Words will always fail me to describe your awesomeness.

4. My dearest mother, I have always believed that you were my greatest blessing, confidant, and friend. I enjoyed your presence in my life before the cold hands of death took you away. May your soul continually rest in peace forever.

5. You were the most beautiful person in my life. I loved you when you were here and I will always love you even though you have gone to heaven. Thank you for your warm love and care.

6. With your kind words you spoke faith into me when I was down. There was never a day you did not come through for me when I was down. I wish I could bring you back to life but God knows best.

7. Life was hard but you made it easy with your smiles and hugs. I can’t begin the imagine how hard life will be without you now that you are gone. Kindly comfort me every time I feel down and forgotten.

8. It is lonely here without you. We used to spend a lot of time together but you are now in heaven. The distance between here where I am and there where you are is unimaginable. Rest in peace, Mother.

9. I want you to know that I have been trying so hard to focus on anything since your demise. This is not the best of times for me at all. You were my mother and best friend. I miss everything about you.

10. This pill is the hardest to swallow. I wish it was not real at all. I wish that all this was a dream. I miss having you in my life, my darling mother. You will always be in my heart throughout my entire existence.

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Tribute To A Dead Mother Samples

11. My mother was the best in the whole world. She made everyone happy as much as she could. Sometimes, I wish I had half of her love and care to spread around and help people who are in need. Rest in peace, my amazing mother.

12. I had the greatest mother to ever walk on the surface of this earth. She was my diamond in human form. Mum, I will always love you even in death. May your great soul rest in peace forever.

13. You were always ready to lend a helping hand, dear mother. I will never forget your kindness. The people you helped will always be grateful to God that you helped them in life. Goodbye, Mother.

14. My mother was gracious in all she did with people. Her attitude made her a delight in the sight of all the people who knew her and associated with her. She was my delight as well. Rest in peace, Mommy

15. Growing up, I had a perfect role model. My mother was my perfect role model. She was a good life teacher because she taught me everything I know that has made me a successful individual. May her soul rest in peace.

16. The words of a loving mother can ease the pain of her child. Your words eased my pain. Your acts ensured I kept moving forward even when things got tough for me. I will always be your child.

17. It is hard to say goodbye to a loving mother. A mother who gave up her dream for her child to fulfill his is priceless. Thank you for sacrificing your childhood dream so I could live mine.

18. I can never take you for granted. Even in your death, I still love and respect you for all you did for me as my wonderful mother. I don’t even want to imagine what life would have been for me if you were not my mother. Good night!

19. This life has a way of taking what one treasures the most. My mum has been taken away from me. This is painful for me to understand. I hope I understand why this happened to me shortly. I love you, mum.

20. God please keep my mother safe, healthy, and happy in heaven. I’m counting on you to always make her happy even as you help me to keep making her proud here on earth.

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Nigerian Tribute To A Mother

21. Life is not promised. Nothing is promised to last forever. Losing my mother was the greatest shock of my life. I have still not recovered from that shock. She meant the whole world to me. I love you, mum.

22. How do people expect me to lead then when the woman who was leading me through the right path is gone? Mum, please guide me to make the right decisions every single day of my life. I miss you.

23. I was never prepared for this heartbreak. My heart has been shattered by the death of my mother. What is life without her? Mum, may your beautiful soul rest in peace till we meet again.

24. I thought I was strong until I lost you, Mother. Your death has shaken the core of my being and the foundation of my belief system. I know you will watch over me from heaven. Rest in peace, Mother.

25. Thank you for being my mother. You were the most significant person in my life. I cherished you then and I still cherish you now. You are forever in my heart, my lovely mother.

26. If you were not my mother, I would have been lost on the wrong path of life. You raised me well with the help of God. Thank you very much for all you did. Rest well now in God’s paradise.

27. You were a mother like no other. You were the most amazing mother ever. You nurtured me until I became who I am. Your labor was not in vain, dear mother. Rest in peace, my champion.

28. Lord help my poor heart. Strengthen me to keep doing what you want me to do to honor the legacy of my great mum. She was a powerful figure who blessed humanity. I love you, my mother.

29. Life can be harsh sometimes. Just when you think you have life figured out, it strikes in ways you may never understand. This is painful to imagine. I miss you, I love you deeply. Goodbye!

30. My heart aches. My mother, where are you? Will you ever return to us? I guess you are happy where you are. May God comfort us as we keep you with us forever in our hearts. You were an awesome mother.

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How To Write A Family Tribute For A Funeral

31. My mother, you were always there for me. You always showed up at my events to support me with all your earth. I will always be grateful that you were my super Mommy. May your soul rest in peace.

32. There were many times I offended you but you would always forgive me. You gave me time to grow because you were patient with me. That is something I will always cherish for the rest of my life. Rest in peace, mum.

33. Dear Mother, I miss you so much that I can’t even sleep at night. You will always be the best part of my life even though you have gone to heaven. Thank you for your kind gestures.

34. I’m always wondering if you are doing great in your new home. How is heaven treating you? You still mean the world to me. You changed my life as my mother. Thank you for everything that you did.

35. My life is beautiful because you made miracles a daily experience with your warm embrace. I promise to never stop trying to get better in everything that I do. I will continue to make you proud.

36. I thought I had you with me permanently until the day death took you from me. Tears still flow from my eyes every time I think of you, my mother. Rest well and be happy where you are.

37. Nothing beats the feeling of being your child. I love it beyond anything else. You were the greatest mother. Thank you for the countless sacrifices you made to ensure my growth and safety.

38. Today is another day to miss your smile, touch, and presence. I keep asking myself if this is how cruel life is. You have been my backbone all these years. I’m very grateful that you were my mother.

39. I feel so exhausted trying to figure out situations without your counsel. All my life you have been available to sort issues and make plans with me. You will continue to live in my heart forever.

40. Will you return from where you are someday? Well, I pray I get the privilege of seeing you again in heaven where we will live together forever. I love you with all my heart, my mother

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Tribute To A Mother Who Passed Away Quotes

41. Thank you for all the time you gave me by borrowing from those who had what I needed. Your devotion to me was incredible. I will always be your baby. I love you, always.

42. With you, I felt I could conquer the world. I was already leading in my career before your demise. We both had great plans, Mum. You left me too soon. Rest in peace, my beautiful angel.

43. My mother, none could make me as happy as you made me. No one can do well what you did effortlessly. I know you will be missed beyond human comprehension. You are loved. Forever.

44. Stirring at you and wondering what you were thinking was such a beautiful site whenever you were lost in thoughts. I love to watch you because you were beautiful to behold. I miss you daily, Mum.

45. I have no regret having you as my mother. You were the best mother and I loved every moment I shared with you. I will always choose to be your son if I get the opportunity multiple times.

46. Mother, you did what you could do to sustain me. I will never forget the many nights you sacrificed for me to eat even when you were hungry. Thank you so much. May God keep you in total perfection.

47. You were never missing in action as my mother. Every day you made the right efforts to be there for me and my siblings. I will always remember you for all the good you did, dear mother.

48. I never got the privilege of thanking you for the great sacrifice you made repeatedly for me. I want you to know that none of your Labor was ever in vain. You raised a star. I love you, mum!

49. I still wish you were here. I still wish you could hold my hand like you did in the past. Oh life, why have you afflicted me with so much pain? Dear mother, rest in the Bosom of the Lord.

50. Mum, I have cried until there is no longer strength in me. My heart is where you will never be absent forever. I will always be your child come rain, come shine. I love you endlessly!

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