Thank You For Coming To The Funeral Quotes

60 Sample Thank You For Coming To The Funeral Quotes to Friends, Workers and Well-Wishers

Planning the funeral of a loved one can be challenging and a bit tasking. The constant thought of the lost one will keep coming up in your mind and might greatly hinder you from reality.

It is an unbearable experience that lives in a sad state but when such a thing happens it is normal for family, friends, and colleagues to extend their wishes and messages to express their sympathize.

After the funeral, it is important to show appreciation and acknowledge their support and encouragement throughout the funeral. When you give thanks, it shows that you are grateful for their help. Thank you for coming to the funeral quotes will help you communicate your gratitude and make your friends and loved ones feel valued.

Finding the best thank you message to send to your well-wisher can be difficult to come up with as you are not in the right mind to compose a letter. This funeral message below will help you with the right words to express appreciation wholeheartedly to your family members and friends.

Sample Funeral Acknowledgement Wording

1. On behalf of my family and I, we thank you from the deepest parts of our hearts for showing up at the funeral of our mother. We appreciate your visitation and phone calls, it truly means a lot.

2. We appreciate your time and support towards the funeral of our beloved father. I am sure he will be happy that you honored him till death. God bless you in all your endeavors.

3. I thank the entire staff from the beginning to the funeral and after the funeral. Thank you all for your support and help throughout, I had no idea of what to do but you came through.

4. Thank you for the motivational message, it helped a lot. The constant and frequent check-ups truly went a long way to healing and replenishing my mind. Thank you

5. I appreciate the work and the services that you gave to my family during our mourning time. You made this whole process easier for us to endure and I do not take it for granted.

6. I am grateful that you showed up today with your busy schedule. We can’t thank you enough for gracing our late dad’s funeral, we pray that God will continue to bless you abundantly.

7. We sincerely appreciate your condolences and for mourning with us over our loss. We can’t stop being thankful for all the help you showered at the funeral. Thank you!

8. The family of Kingsley would like to express their deepest gratitude to everyone who sympathized with us over our loss. Your phone calls and text messages truly helped us. We cherish it all!

9. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Woke event house. You allowed us to use your venue with in short notice and you still offered the place at a discount. We are grateful for that kind gesture.

10. The family of Joshua Bamidele would like to celebrate you for your kind and supportive words during the funeral. We appreciate your words of encouragement and condolences and pray that the Lord’s blessings will be with you.

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Funeral Acknowledgement From The Family

11. The family of the deceased client wholeheartedly appreciates your help and time towards the burial ceremony. We are glad to the extent you offered your help in the burial arrangements.

12. We are grateful for your thoughtful gestures during our sad time. Accept this little souvenir as an act of appreciation for your kind and compassionate messages during this difficult time.

13. We openly send this letter of appreciation to Union Bank, for their constant support and help during this difficult time. They didn’t just offer financial help but also helped in getting sponsors to support my father’s burial ceremony.

14. The family of Wike Wisdom sends a letter of appreciation to the general public. We thank you for soliciting with us during our mourning period, we appreciate your words of condolences, thank you all.

15. Thank you for your donation during these difficult times. We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity, it helped relieve us from the burial expenses.

16. We appreciate your generous donation, and we can not thank you enough for shouldering the hospital and burial fees throughout the whole episode. We pray the good Lord bless you abundantly.

17. Thank you for offering your assistance and support. Your constant words of encouragement helped me and my family endure the pain. We say a big thank you for those words!

18. The family of Wike appreciates your deep words of condolences, from your message, we were able to overcome our sad moments. Thank you for your constant visitations and help during our father’s funeral.

19. Thank you for your flowers and sympathy notes, we were deeply touched by those kind acts and it went a long way to healing us from the trauma of losing a loved one. God bless you!

20. It was a great privilege to have you around, imagine what would have happened without your help. I would have lost it all but because of your help, visit and time I was able to overcome these challenges.

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Thank You Message After Funeral

21. Thank you all for attending the funeral of my dear mother, I know you all had important places and things to attend to but you chose to attend the funeral. God bless you all!

22. We appreciate everyone who took the time to attend Mr Wike’s funeral. We say a big thank you for sharing in our loss and pray that God bless you all abundantly.

23. The family members of the blessed extend their hearts of gratitude to everyone who made it today to the funeral of their beloved father. They appreciate each one of you and wish you safety as you return to your various houses.

24. Dearest uncle we want to use this medium to thank you for everything that you have done during this challenging time. Taking up the father’s role in the family and leading your brother to rest is admirable.

25. Thank you for the contribution that you have showered in the success of my father’s burial. We pray that the good lord will continue to reward you in every measure.

26. I thank you all for taking the time to attend my father’s burial, I can’t thank you enough but accept my sincere appreciation. God bless each one of you.

27. Thank you, Ma’am, for sorting and covering all the bills used for this funeral. I don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t show up. I pray that your pocket will not lack.

28. Thank you to all my wonderful staff for attending the funeral of my late father. I sincerely appreciate the follow-up checkups and constant words of prayer made for me and my family.

29. Thank Mr dare, if not for your constituency in speeding up the whole process of retrieval of our late dad’s body the funeral would not have been a success. We cherish your act of kindness, sir!

30. I thank you all for the detailed and clear coordination of phone calls and messages before the funeral and afterward. Your activeness in providing and ensuring that all our needs were met.

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Thank You Note After Funeral To Friends

31. Thank you all for your attentiveness to running the funeral. You all made sure that the arrangement of the event went well. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

32. Cindy, I appreciate your keen attitude to selecting the right venue and for volunteering to print the funeral cards and all was awesome. I cherish your friendship and am glad that I could count on you.

33. I thank you for all you did for the success of my father’s funeral and afterward. You took care of things that we couldn’t do emotionally and mentally. Thank you so much!

34. Thank you to the entire Benson staff… For coordinating yourself appropriately during the funeral and for adding cheerfulness to the funeral with your lovely words of encouragement.

35. I say a big thank you for providing an exceptional service to the success of my father’s funeral. You did a great job with arranging seats and organizing the guests to bring harmony to the funeral.

36. On behalf of the entire family, we say thank you for gracing my father’s funeral with your presence. It truly means a lot to us and we extend our hands to show appreciation for that.

37. To everyone who comforted my family and especially my dearest mom during this difficult time. We say thank you and God bless you for blessing us with your kind words.

38. I appreciate your kind touch and words of encouragement during the funeral ceremony which made it a truly joyous but sad celebration of a fulfilled life lived.

39. Thank you Joshua for bringing your entire media team to cover the funeral ceremony, you did a great job in photographing and videoing every activity. God bless you!

40. On behalf of the family, I appreciate your compassionate and generous donation act during and after the funeral. We felt very comfortable with the nice gesture and grateful for that.

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Thank You Notes After Funeral To Coworkers

41. To the entire staff from Boripe, we express profound gratitude for honoring the final rite of our dear father. We thank you for offering your assistance as well to ensure the success of the funeral.

42. Thank you all for the kind words you did in the memory of our dear father. It was a sad service yet beautiful, our family is grateful for the thoughtful words of encouragement and prayers.

43. To everyone on the staff of Benson Henderson. I thank you all for rendering service to ensure that the funeral lacked nothing. Thank you for everything, we appreciate it.

44. Accept our honest gratitude for everything that you all contributed in one way or the other so that my father’s funeral will be held. Uncle Ayo thank you for organising the event. God bless every one of you!

45. With love from my heart, I say a big thank you to the catering unit. You did a great job in catering for the funeral. You were very smart and respectful in rendering your service. Thank you!

46. We thank you and the entire staff for all you did to ensure the success of this funeral. None of our requests or help was too much and burdensome to you all. Thank you!

47. Thank you for the kindness, support, and patience that you showed us throughout this difficult time. Your caring help made it easy for us to endure and I cherish it all.

48. The entire family members and friends were impressed with how you all comported yourself during the funeral and also how you handled the decorations aspect as well. Thank you for everything!

49. Many thanks for all your endeavors, words of encouragement, and continuous support. Having the staff of Benson at the funeral is greatly appreciated and may the good lord bless you all.

50. We can’t thank you and my coworkers enough for all the care and support shown to us ever since the funeral. The wonderful farewell service and the continuous care series. We say a big thank you once again!

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On Behalf Of The Family Funeral

51. On behalf of the family, we express a hearty thank you through this letter. We are thrilled about how you showed up for the final rite of our later father. Adupe sir!

52. Thank you for helping out in planning the entire funeral event. You were available to our reach throughout the whole funeral, on behalf of my mom and I, we say a big thank you.

53. Just accept this letter as a thank you and an acknowledgment for all the care and kindness at the funeral. Family and friends were impressed with how you handled the funeral.

54. We would like to thank you as a family for honoring our father’s funeral with your presence. You made sure that every minor and unplanned expense was met.

55. I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did at my father’s funeral. Thank you for your patience with my family too, even with how many times we interfered with your job you still handled it well.

56. On behalf of the family, we want to thank you for your professionalism in flower selection and arrangements. We thank you for your exceptional service.

57. Thank you so much for the beautiful service done at the funeral, everything went well and was professionally done which made the event great. I will refer you to our business partner.

58. Dearest Tomi, my family and I are saying a big thank you for your thoughtful kindness and prayers throughout the funeral. You were a true friend indeed, God bless you.

59. I want to thank you all for the wonderful farewell service provided to my family and me. Every task was fully carried out properly, may the good lord continue to bless you.

60. Thank you all for your thoughtful words of encouragement throughout the funeral and afterward. Your words were what we needed to sustain ourselves during this difficult time. God bless you!

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